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2009 Camp NEW Harmony - NorthernCalifornia

25 Sep 09 - 01:16 AM (#2730886)
Subject: Camp New Harmony Dec 29-Jan 3
From: Joe Offer

If you're regretting that you can't go to the FSGW Getaway in Maryland in October, maybe you'll enjoy visiting sunny Northern California for Camp New Harmony, the annual gathering of the San Francisco Folk Music Club - Dec 29, 2009, to January 3, 2010.

This will be our second year at Camp Newman, which is just outside Santa Rosa. It's a very nice location, not as scenic but also not as soggy and our previous location in the Santa Cruz redwoods. Lots of interesting people and great music.

Follow the link and check it out.


25 Sep 09 - 10:09 AM (#2731093)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony Dec 29-Jan 3 - NorthernCalifornia
From: Barry Finn

I'd love to but it's a long long way from here to there


02 Oct 09 - 08:36 PM (#2737039)
Subject: Camp New Harmony Dec 29-Jan 3 Northern California
From: Genie

I might be able to make it this year, Joe.

Which airport works best for getting to Camp New Harmony? Sacramento? Oakland?

And will there be people driving from either Sacramento or the Bay area (e.g., near Alameda) to the camp, for carpooling?

If it weren't the middle of winter and my car didn't have so many miles on it, I'd consider driving.   Used to drive down your way just about every year, but I do hate dealing with those mountains when it's icy, snowy, and foggy.

FWIW, for the next couple weeks Southwest has round trip fares from Portland to Sacramento at that time for about $140. Probably similar deals from places like Seattle, Spokane, Boise, LA, etc.