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Lyr Req: Damn Yankee Lad? / Damyankee Lad

20 Jul 99 - 08:10 AM (#97284)
Subject: damn yankee lad

I am looking for the words to a song I heard long ago called "Damn Yankee Lad." I have not been able to find it in any database or songbook. I believe it is a civil war era song about a yankee lad that passes himself off as a southerner. Anyone know the words???

20 Jul 99 - 08:16 AM (#97286)
Subject: RE: damn yankee lad
From: Felipa

If you do a Forum Search (see top of the main forum page) for the subject : Damn Yankee you'll find this song.

20 Jul 99 - 11:49 AM (#97352)
Subject: RE: damn yankee lad
From: Bill in Alabama

I believe that this song was written by Jimmy Driftwood. I know that he recorded it. Dale Rose would know.
Go here: Lyr Add: DAMYANKEE LAD (Jimmie Driftwood)--JoeClone, 9-Nov-2009.