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Seeger Book: Where Have All The Flowers Gone

23 Oct 09 - 08:08 PM (#2751445)
Subject: Where Have All The Flowers Gone: A Sing
From: billhudson

Now after a few years Pete's book in now out. Below is the info:
Where Have All The Flowers Gone: A Singalong Memoir
2009 Edition
By Pete Seeger
A Sing Out! Publication In Association with W.W. Norton & Company
New York - London

The biggest change in the new addition has been an accompanying CD containing 267 MP3 files. At the touch of a button you can hear, more or less, the beginning of every song. There's also a new "Postscript" with fifteen new songs put together in the last 15 years.
If you're not able to find it in your bookstore...ask them to get it!!

Orders and inquiries should be directed to the publisher:
Sing Out Corporation, P.O. Box 5460, Bethlehem, PA 180015-0460
Phone: 610-865-5366

19 Nov 09 - 12:46 AM (#2768964)
Subject: RE: Book Review: Where Have All The Flowers Gone
From: Joe Offer

I got my copy today...and I lost it somewhere here in this mess I call an office. Oh, here it is, he said, after 15 minutes of searching.
As Bill Hudson said, the biggest addition is the CD, which contains excerpts of 267 songs, almost every song in the book. The clips include metadata, so your computer will tell you what you're listening to.
The book is more-or-less the same as the 1993 edition. The 1993 book is 288 pages, and the 2009 edition has 313 - including additional songs and an updated discography and bibliography.

The additional songs:
    For Mumia
    The Ocean's Rising
    No Mas Violencia
    Take It From Dr. King
    English Is Cuh-ray-zee
    Or Else! (One-a These Days)
    Tzena, Tzena, Tzena, Tzena (3 pages, with great background information)
    Didn't Ol' John
    Arrange and Re-arrange
    The Hammers are Bangin' Away
    One Percent Phosphorus
    Trouble at the Bottom
    Over the Rainbow
    The Odds-On Favorite (Long Story Terse)
    Wonderful Friends
    If This World Survives

Oh, and text layout and music typesetting was done by the inimitable John Roberts (in 1993). I didn't know he did that sort of stuff, but the layout of the book is wonderful. There's a very nice picture of John on page 241 of both editions - that photo alone is worth the price...

...well, maybe not. But there are lots of good photos in the book, along with good stories and good songs.

Here's a link to the Web Page for the Book (click).

19 Nov 09 - 12:53 AM (#2768967)
Subject: RE: Seeger Book: Where Have All The Flowers Gone
From: catspaw49

Okay then.......NOW I get it! Pete shills for SingOut! as a trade-off for publishing his book..........yeah, it all makes sense now..........

Just a joke folks.....Try to relax.........Put down that machete!


19 Nov 09 - 01:05 AM (#2768969)
Subject: RE: Seeger Book: Where Have All The Flowers Gone
From: Joe Offer