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O Katharina

22 Jul 99 - 05:17 PM (#98182)
Subject: O Katharina
From: TomG

Looking for lyrics to "O Katharina" (to keep my love you must be leaner..." I have almost all but need line after "I'll have to build a big arena..." Can anyone help?

23 Jul 99 - 10:00 AM (#98467)
Subject: RE: O Katharina
From: Frank Maher

The line after Big Arena is You're such a Frau, My Kath-erine I got a lot,when I got You.

23 Jul 99 - 01:44 PM (#98532)
Subject: RE: O Katharina
From: Ferrara

No fair! -- I can't remember all of it either and I'd love to have it! - Here's what I remember.

Oh Heinie sailed from Rotterdam,
He said away to Amsterdam
To meet his bride, and by her side ...

One night he went to see the Follies,
He thought she was a queen,
Until he seen those Dollies,

Oh Katherina, O Katherina,
To keep my love, you must be leaner
Join a gym, learn to swin, eat farina!
You're such a queen, my Katherine,
I got a lot when I got you!

How about beefing that up, filling it out so to speak? - Rita F

23 Jul 99 - 08:44 PM (#98672)
Subject: RE: O Katharina
From: TomG

Well, two ideas about the line I was missing: Both are good but don't ring a bell - I think I learned a different line. (My German father-in-law had a chubby wife named Katherine, so he sang it a lot!)

Ferrara: You've missed a verse. After "eat Farina": "Oh Katharina, unless you're leaner I'll have to build a big arena," then the line I was seeking, whether it be queen, frau, or something else.


23 Jul 99 - 09:57 PM (#98689)
Subject: RE: O Katharina
From: Frank Maher

If anyone would send Me their E-Mail Address,I will send them the Song by E-Mail.

24 Jul 99 - 05:24 AM (#98809)
Subject: RE: O Katharina
From: Ferrara

Sure, love to have the song. We had a family friend when I was a kid, who was on the ample side. She was a lovely person and didn't mind being joining in the singing (as far as I could tell at the age of 7 or 8) and I always think of her when I hear either this song or the Too-Fat Polka.

24 Jul 99 - 07:55 PM (#98936)
Subject: RE: O Katharina
From: TomG

After listening to the rather old scratchy recording Frank Maher kindly e-mailed us, we believe the line after "arena" is "You're such a CROWD, my Katherine" This makes more sense than "frau".


29 Aug 10 - 05:11 PM (#2975403)
Subject: RE: O Katharina

Gentlemen...I have had this tune in a Mitch Miller Songbook for years now...a favorite...posted it on my website for you: