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The Unknown Land - with Keith Kendrick

30 Oct 09 - 04:27 PM (#2756004)
Subject: The Unknown Land - with Keith Kendrick (UK)
From: johnadams

My pal Keith Kendrick is presently touring as musician in a two-handed drama with actor David Fredrickson. They are in Holt, Norfolk on Wednesday 4th Nov. and in Halifax on Saturday Nov. 7th.

Anyone who knows Keith's music will know what high quality to expect. The actor comes highly recommended by another pal of mine from the National Theatre.

The Year is 1844. A man answers a newspaper advertisement inviting him to join a ship bound for arctic waters to explore the unknown wastes north of Greenland.

What did he hope to find? What drove him relentlessly on like Davis & Baffin before him?
Was there something in his past life that compelled him to travel to this inhospitable place? Or was it simply that he desired something - the fulfilment of some deep unarticulated dream

His experiences on the voyage, the loneliness, the strength-sapping treks across the ice and the merciless cold, change him forever. As his story unfolds, the certainties of his early life are stripped away. In extremis, we see what really drives him as he comes face to face with death.

Auden Theatre, Gresham's, Holt, Norfolk

Square Chapel, Halifax

03 Nov 09 - 06:03 AM (#2758534)
Subject: RE: The Unknown Land - with Keith Kendrick
From: johnadams


03 Nov 09 - 07:09 AM (#2758571)
Subject: RE: The Unknown Land - with Keith Kendrick
From: Girl Friday

In my scant experience of these "Folk Operas" (for want of a better phrase) this should be well worth seeing.I am not familiar with the actor, but if Keith has scripted it, as well as providing the music, it should be excellent!