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Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread

04 Nov 09 - 08:20 PM (#2759806)
Subject: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: Joe Offer

This is an edited PermaThread®, intended to provide performance dates and other information about Sara McQuaid. It will be moderated by Sarah McQuaid. Feel free to post to this thread, but be aware that all messages in this thread are subject to editing or deletion.
-Joe Offer-

For starters, take a look at Sarah's Website, You'll find some nice samples of her singing there.

06 Nov 09 - 11:34 AM (#2760890)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: open mike

She wrote the book on DADGAD tuning...and gives workshops on same..
I have a question about the Shruti in like a harmonium?
how do you play it, do you "pump" it in some way? does it have bellows?
it would be handy if you play it with your feet, to free your hands to play guitar!

i am enjoying listening to Sarah on myspace

06 Nov 09 - 11:57 AM (#2760905)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: Murray MacLeod

Nice to see your Permathread up here, Sarah.

Looking forward to seeing you at Glenfarg, and be sure to sock it to 'em at Passim. I have fond memories of playing there ten years ago (only one song at an open mike night, but a great audience!)

12 Nov 09 - 05:38 PM (#2765076)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: Sarah McQuaid

Aw, thanks a million to both of you! In answer to the Shruti box question, you pump it in and out with one hand, using the other to flip the keys to change the chord being sounded -- there's a photo of me playing mine on the Links pages of the website, along with a link to the website of the fellow who made it -- see



12 Nov 09 - 05:57 PM (#2765092)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: Folkiedave

I shall be playing some of her music tomorrow on my show - "Thank Goodness It's Folk".

15 Nov 09 - 04:44 PM (#2766616)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: Sarah McQuaid

Cool! Thanks Dave!

15 Sep 10 - 06:42 PM (#2987603)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: Sarah McQuaid

Just getting ready to set out on marathon 9-week tour in UK and US. Here are all the dates -- see the Calendar page on for full details:

Sep 16 Helston: The Blue Anchor Inn
Sep 18 Penzance: St Levan Primary School
Sep 21 Eastney: Acoustic Fusion
Sep 23 Bradford: Topic Folk Club
Sep 24 Glasgow: Partick Folk Club
Sep 26 Falkirk: Falkirk Folk Club
Sep 27 Glenfarg: Glenfarg Village Folk Club
Sep 28 Edinburgh: Leith Folk Club
Sep 30 Denholm: Denholm Folk Club
Oct 1 Burton upon Trent: Brewtown Folk Club
Oct 2 Salford: Un-Convention
Oct 3 Appleby Beer and Blues Festival
Oct 4 Stockton Folk Club
Oct 6 Lowdham: Warthog Promotions
Oct 7 York: Black Swan Folk Club
Oct 8 Northwich: Northwich Folk Club
Oct 9 Kingsbridge: South Pool Village Hall
Oct 10 South Brent: Rattery Village Hall
Oct 11 Chesham: Tudor Folk Club
Oct 13 Newcastle Upon Tyne: Tyneside Irish Festival
Oct 14 Darlington: Darlington Folk Club
Oct 15 Thornhill: Marquee Club
Oct 17 Perranporth: Lowender Peran (afternoon)
Oct 17 Yelverton: Sheepstor Village Hall (evening)
Oct 21 Topsham: The Bridge Inn w/Hector Gilchrist
Oct 22 Honiton: Dunkeswell Village Hall
Oct 23 Devoran Village Hall w/Dalla

Oct 26 Cambridge, MA: Passim School of Music
Oct 27 Cambridge, MA: Club Passim
Oct 28 West Grove, PA: TurtleDove Folk Club
Oct 29 Rockaway, NJ: Irish American Assn of NJ
Oct 30 Philadelphia, PA: The PSALM Salon
Oct 31 Kenton, DE: Cooldog Concert Series
Nov 1 Rockville, MD: Institute of Musical Traditions
Nov 2 Lynchburg, VA: The White Hart
Nov 4 Fountain, NC: R.A. Fountain General Store
Nov 5 Winston-Salem, NC: Fiddle & Bow Society
Nov 6 Greensboro, NC: North Meets South Concerts
Nov 7 Johnson City, TN: Next Door @Acoustic Cfhse
Nov 8 Birmingham, AL: Moonlight on the Mountain
Nov 9 Memphis, TN: House Concert Chez Chase
Nov 11 Fayetteville, AR: Hembree House Concerts
Nov 12 Dallas, TX: Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse
Nov 14 Fischer, TX: Rice Festival
Nov 15 Austin, TX: Bummer Night @ArtZ Ribhouse
Nov 18 Houston, TX: Anderson Fair w/Hans York, Ken Gaines
Nov 19 La Grange, TX: The Bugle Boy
Nov 20 Aransas Pass, TX: The Rialto Theater
Nov 21 College Station, TX: As Radical As Reality Itself
Nov 23 Atlanta, GA: Hagen House Concert

Dec 3 Seaford: Seaford Folk Club
Dec 4 Farnham: Farnham Maltings
Dec 6 London: MondayMonday
Jan 6 Whitstable Folk Club

16 Sep 10 - 05:15 AM (#2987814)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: GUEST,George Henderson

Wow, Some schedule. (George - formerly Nenagh Co. Tipp)

Glad to see things w=orking out for you.

Give Hector my regards

16 Sep 10 - 05:25 AM (#2987816)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: Banjiman

We'll see you at either Stockton or York Sarah (or maybe one at each if that how the babysitting works out!).

Good luck with the tour.

Paul & Wendy

16 Sep 10 - 06:07 AM (#2987832)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: Zen

Hi Sarah,

Looking forward to catching you at 26 or 27 September at Falkirk or Glenfarg!


16 Sep 10 - 09:12 AM (#2987931)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: Sarah McQuaid

Great stuff, hope to see you then, Paul, Wendy and Richard! Please pass the word on to your friends .... Lovely to hear from you, George, and I hope you're keeping well! Will pass on your regards to Hector.

Sarah x

01 Mar 11 - 08:16 AM (#3104894)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: GUEST,Sarah McQuaid

March UK Tour Dates

Just setting out today on my March UK tour. Here arel the dates -- see for details on all gigs. Hope to see some of you there!

Tue Mar 1 - St Neot's Folk Club
Wed Mar 2 - Cuffern Manor, Haverfordwest
Thu Mar 3 - Folk at the Oak, Corsham
Fri Mar 4 - Carlisle Folk & Blues Club
Sat Mar 5 - Coal Aston Village Hall, Dronfield
Sun Mar 6 - Horsham Folk Club
Tue Mar 8 - Lochinver Village Hall
Wed Mar 9 - Edinburgh Folk Club
Thu Mar 10 - Live At The Star, Glasgow
Fri Mar 11 - Kelso Folk & Live Music Club
Sat Mar 12 - Acoustic Tearoom, Kirkby Stephen
Sun Mar 13 - A' The Airts, Sanquhar
Wed Mar 16 - Man of Kent, Rochester
Thu Mar 17 - Folk At The Drum, Ashford
Fri Mar 18 - Orpington Friday Folk
Sat Mar 19 (lunchtime) - Live Lunch, Salisbury Arts Centre
Sat Mar 19 (eve) - Folk at the Riverside, Southampton
Sun Mar 20 - Wellington Arts Centre
Thu Mar 24 - Worlaby Village Hall (Live Lincs Rural Touring)
Fri Mar 25 - Thurlow Pavilion, Epworth (Live Lincs Rural Touring)
Sat Mar 26 - Scawby Village Hall (Live Lincs Rural Touring)
Sun Mar 27 - Kirton in Lindsey Town Hall (Live Lincs Rural Touring)

01 Mar 11 - 12:04 PM (#3105018)
Subject: RE: Sarah McQuaid - PermaThread
From: GUEST,steve s

howdy sarah!

steve, ex-bothy club, philly