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soldiers Music from Viet Nam era

23 Nov 09 - 10:45 PM (#2772285)
Subject: soldiers Music from Viet Nam era
From: GUEST,seth in Olympia

I was thinking today about being in the military in the sixties, and the music that I heard all the time that may or may not be included in lists of "sixties" music. I heard this stuff on Armed Forces Radio and over the air from 50,000 watt stations in the U.S., particularly when working through night shifts. Maybe you did too. Songs of sadness, regret, release, confusion: 96 Tears
                            The Letter
                            You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'
                            Workin' in a Coal Mine
                            Dock of the Bay
Maybe you could add to the list. This stuff precedes 1969,70, when musically things seemed to break loose

23 Nov 09 - 11:10 PM (#2772294)
Subject: RE: soldiers Music from Viet Nam era
From: iancarterb

We usually called the first one 96 Beers.
Last Train to Clarksville
Wild Thing (to which we routinely appended "You make my crank sting.")
I got out in late 67 and never heard Dock of the Bay until I got to San Francisco in early 68.
These were from the juke box at the Central Char Broiled Food Restauarant in our homeport Newport RI, not AFR in Viet Nam. Destroyer crews didn't have the same routine discomforts as ground forces in SE Asia, nor the same routine proximity of mortality. Probably affected the music mix some:)
    Carter, about 60 miles north of Oly.