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Everything Possible

27 Apr 98 - 03:50 PM (#26636)
Subject: RE: Need lyrics
From: sherry booth

A song was sung at my son's memorial service. It was called Everything Possible. Some words are "you can be whatever you want to whomever you choose...." The words are too faint to hear on our videotape and I have too little information to be able to find it on my own. Does anyone have any more information than I?

26 Jul 99 - 01:36 AM (#99207)
Subject: Everything Possible
From: Bugsy

I am looking for the chords to the Fred Small song "Everything Possible" can anyone help please"

26 Jul 99 - 03:15 AM (#99222)
Subject: RE: Everything Possible
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Bugsy - we got several suggestions a while back - Click here
-Joe Offer-

26 Jul 99 - 03:23 AM (#99224)
Subject: RE: Everything Possible
From: Bugsy

Thank you Joe, You're a Prince among men!