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Lyr Req: Bonny Susie Cleland

06 Apr 97 - 01:18 AM (#3895)
Subject: Bonny Susie Cleland
From: Moira Cameron,

I know this song is in the DT, but I am looking for another version of the song. Does anyone else know any different lyrics? I have Lisa Null's rendition of it, but I am also interested in another tune. Any suggestions of other recordings?

Much appreciated.

06 Apr 97 - 03:40 AM (#3896)
Subject: RE: Bonny Susie Cleland
From: Anne Cormack

Moira, I have a version by Cilla Fisher somewhere, I'll have a look for it.



06 Apr 97 - 10:15 PM (#3926)
Subject: RE: Bonny Susie Cleland
From: Susan of DT

Jean Redpath, Father Adam on Philo has a different tune from Lisa Null's.

07 Apr 97 - 02:40 PM (#3966)
Subject: RE: Bonny Susie Cleland
From: LaMarca

If you don't object to the marriage of trad. folk with rock& roll, there's a really great version done by June Tabor and The Oyster Band on a Ryko CD. They twist the traditional tune and verses JUST a bit, so that the refrain line goes

"Bonnie Susie Clelland's to be MARRIED in Dundee"

until she tells her little foot page to tell her lover she's going to be burned at the stake - then the refrain changes to:

"Bonnie Susie Clelland's to be BURIED in Dundee."

A group of us known as The Yorkist Ballad Charade Society did a silent theater performance of the ballad at Pinewoods Folk Music Week one year, with David Jones playing the part of the noble English lover who arrives too late. He gingerly lifted the charcoal covered shroud over his lady-love, gave a delicate shudder, pantomimed "Yeeccchh" and promptly departed...

Chris Foster also did a superb recording of the original version of the ballad, Lady Maisrie, on his Topic record "Layers". It's much longer, and quite a bit more graphic than Bonnie Susie Clelland.

18 Apr 97 - 08:01 PM (#4088)
Subject: RE: Bonny Susie Cleland
From: Ian

You might also look for the version of 'Bonnie Susie' as done by Betsy Smith of Wench Work. She has written a different ending in which the suitor arrives just in the nick of time, saves Susie & they ride off together to be 'Married in Dundee'.

Slainte! - Ian