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GVerb settings - Audacity

26 Nov 09 - 11:20 PM (#2774644)
Subject: GVerb settings - Audacity
From: Maryrrf

I'm working on some recordings to put up on my website. I'm using a Zoom H4 recorder, using the built in condenser mics, and transferring that to Audacity for editing and mixing. This is just guitar and vocals, and I'd like to achieve a natural sound, but with just a little reverb, presence and warmth. The preset parameters on Audacity produce way too much reverb and don't work at all. I found some help HERE but I still haven't been able to achieve the right effect although I have experimented a lot. Any suggestions? Thanks!

27 Nov 09 - 09:57 AM (#2774875)
Subject: RE: GVerb settings - Audacity
From: GUEST,Stew

I have an H4 and I believe that it has self contained effects. Perhaps you could run your file through the reverb effect before you transfer to Audacity. I'm not a techy but I think that might solve your problem.

27 Nov 09 - 10:04 AM (#2774882)
Subject: RE: GVerb settings - Audacity
From: Maryrrf

Yes, H4 does have self contained effects, but that's only when you are recording in four track mode, and I'm just using the external mics for a stereo mix. In other words, I'm just sitting in front of the recorder, playing the guitar and singing. But, I am having some success with GVerb. Apparently the thing to do is duplicate the track and apply the reverb to the duplicate. You can then fine tune how much reverb you get by adjusting the volume, compression, etc. of the duplicate track, then you mix it back in with the dry original.

27 Nov 09 - 10:19 AM (#2774895)
Subject: RE: GVerb settings - Audacity
From: Simon G

The web page you refer has a recommendation to try Anwida Soft DX Reverb Light as an alternative. It would be worth a try, I'm not sure GVerb is actually going to do what you want.

You may find you need to record separate tracks for vocal and guitar so you can put different reverb on them to get the sound you want.

02 Dec 09 - 12:41 AM (#2778155)
Subject: RE: GVerb settings - Audacity

Maryrrf, here's the one that I found useful; the first one: