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Anne Mayo Muir CD releases

18 Dec 09 - 06:51 AM (#2791081)
Subject: Ann Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: maeve

Welcome news from an email from Christina Muir, Ann's daughter:
Warm Greetings Family, Friends and Fans,

It is my delight to invite you to come celebrate the release of a new CD,"NOTES FROM ACROSS THE SEA"! This gorgeous instrumental music
is written by my wonderful mom, Ann Mayo Muir. We were so excited by her musical pieces that we decided to hire the Grammy nominated group, ENSEMBLE GALILEI (an Early Music/Celtic/Classical Crossover Group) to arrange and perform the music both for the CD and Release Concert.

You can follow these links to hear cuts from the CD.   
Instrumental Music - Twist The Devil's Tail (on my NEW CD!) by Ann Mayo Muir

Instrumental Music - Winter's Blanket by Ann Mayo Muir

Instrumental Music - LAMENT FOR ANDREA by Ann Mayo Muir

Instrumental Music - A LOVE SONG FOR MY SAILOR by Ann Mayo Muir

...The CD is already available online at

To go directly to it, click this link below:
Timberhead Music Ensemble Galilei (Notes From Across the Sea) We hope we'll see you at the show! Please share this email with others and help us spread the music!

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday!
Christina & Ann Mayo Muir

PS. Please let us know if you are a DJ interested in having the CD
for Radio Airplay! Thanks*

Monday, January 11, 2010 * 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00)
A CD Release Celebration of "Notes From Across The Sea" presented by the 333 Coffeehouse at the Unitarian Church,333 Du Bois Rd (off of N. Bestgate. Blvd) Annapolis, MD. Come celebrate Ann Mayo Muir & Ensemble Galilei in a great collaboration!Celtic harp, fiddle, recorder, whistle, oboe, guitar, percussion and viola da gamba (a cello-like instrument) weave together to render Ann's original, instrumental music. Gordon Bok describes it as,"...a feast for the musical gourmet!" Ann (formerly of the nationally touring folk trio, Bok, Muir & Trickett) will also sing a few of her favorites and Christina will no doubt add a few harmonies!A homemade dessert reception follows the show.The concert is sponsored in part by our friend, Julie McKay ~

$35/$30 for students & seniors. For more information, contact Christina Muir at or call 410.268.3067.
To buy tickets & CD's send check payable to:
Ann Mayo Muir ~ 135 Spa View Ave. Annapolis, MD 21401.
CD ~ $15 plus $2 s/h (plus $1 per additional CD).
To learn more about Ensemble Galilei check out
I hope some of us can celebrate with Anne, Christina, and Ensemble Galilei, and that many of us will buy/receive Anne's wonderful new cd.


18 Dec 09 - 07:30 AM (#2791095)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: GUEST,Kendall

What town or city?

18 Dec 09 - 09:11 AM (#2791156)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: maeve

The 333 Coffeehouse
The Annapolis Unitarian Church
333 DuBois Rd.
Annapolis, MD 21401

18 Dec 09 - 11:01 AM (#2791237)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: katlaughing

I added "Annapolis, MD" to the original post. Thanks for the heads-up on this one, maeve. The music is beautiful and the site is very interesting!

18 Dec 09 - 11:21 AM (#2791251)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: kendall

I just got my copy from Timberhead and I love it. Your Lament for Andrea is so hauntingly beautiful I'm not able to describe it better than that.

18 Dec 09 - 01:31 PM (#2791395)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: frogprince

In 1965, I was in the Navy, and had just bought a hi-fidelity reel-to-reel tape recorder at Navy Exchange price. I scrounged around the ship for LP's to borrow and tape. Someone had an album titled "The Magic of Mayo Muir", which I promptly fell in love with. I didn't hear anything else about her for almost 20 years. I finally learned about Bok, Trickett, and Muir about the time of their farewell tour, which I didn't get to catch. The lady remains on my short list of wonderful female singers.

18 Dec 09 - 04:22 PM (#2791542)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: Charley Noble

Nice to hear this news.

Charley Noble

19 Dec 09 - 03:18 PM (#2792197)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: Waddon Pete

The sample tracks are magical. Once CD Baby get shall I!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Maeve!

Best wishes,


05 Jan 10 - 02:49 AM (#2803690)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: GUEST,Ann Mayo Muir

What a treat to discover all of you here. Thank you, Maeve, for putting up my CD notice. All of the lovely comments have truly warmed my heart. Please keep in touch by coming to my new web site and please sign my Guestbook -
Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!
Ann Mayo

05 Jan 10 - 02:29 PM (#2804180)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: Art Thieme

Hello! I'm so glad to hear about this. Congratulations. I have missed hearing you since the trio stopped making records. But this will be at the top of my wish list.

All the best to you!!
Art Thieme

05 Jan 10 - 03:36 PM (#2804225)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: maeve

Hi, Ann. I am delighted to see your post here. Your new album will be a favorite once it joins "Windward Away" from Archie- the only cd remaining. I look forward to seeing you and Christina, though I see no way to join you at the party.

Love and warm hugs from a friend in Midcoast Maine,


22 Jun 10 - 02:16 PM (#2932735)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir New CD release Dec. 2009
From: maeve

Here is a YouTube file of Anne's big debut:

21 Jul 11 - 09:53 PM (#3192355)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir CD releases
From: Joe Offer

I came across an album at called The Magic of Mayo Muir - Frogprince mentions it above. Anybody know the history of this album? Here's the track list:

  1. If He's Gone 2:05
  2. Patchwork Of Dreams 2:55
  3. A Wedding Toast 2:33
  4. My Love Doesn't Love Me 3:10
  5. Parting Glass 2:45
  6. Redbird 1:47
  7. Magic Penny 2:32
  8. I Know My Love 2:45
  9. Wild Mountain Theme 3:44
  10. Count Ten 2:28
  11. There's Many A River 2:33
  12. Isle Au Haut 3:21

It's on Spotify, by the way. The sound quality isn't as good as one might like, but it's interesting to hear how Ann sounded Way Back When.

22 Jul 11 - 06:25 AM (#3192518)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir CD releases
From: maeve

It's good to go to the source- our own Sandy and Caroline Paton:
Folk Legacy- "So Goes My Heart"- Ann Mayo Muir

04 Sep 11 - 09:31 AM (#3217988)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir CD releases
From: Mudinyoureye

I love you guys for caring and sharing information about my CD which is all instrumental music written by ear. I had been playing fiddle at Alasdair Fraser's Scottish Fiddle Camp for 10 years and I was in love with all the music. Each time I wrote, using Sibelius, my heart was thinking Scottish thoughts but the music simply followed my mood and surprised me every time. If it is on CD today, it is thanks to my daughter asking me to try and think BIG . Well, she did so I tried and said "Ok". The Studio was Bias. The engineer is the one who records for Mary Chapin Carpenter. Hearing this music come to life was one of life's high peak.
The early record You spoke about asking for history, began when I was invited to record with the Highwaymen in 1962, the year Michael Row The Boat Ashore was released. On the radio there will be a special Folk show to celebrate their 50th year, hosted by Nick Noble.
"Fifty years ago, during the first weeks of September, 1961, "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" by the original Highwaymen topped the charts as the #1 song not only in the U.S. but in much of the world as well. So on September 8, 2011 THE FOLK REVIVAL will celebrate that anniversary with a four-hour tribute to that seminal folk group. With 30 or 40 songs, interviews with the surviving members of the group, and excerpts from the book "NUMBER #1", it should be a terrific experience."
Thursday, September 8 · 7:00pm - 11:00pm
streaming live online at * in central MA at 90.5 FM.

I Quoted this from Nick's Facebook page.

After I finished a week in NY City recording. Their manager asked me to make a solo album. I had met the limeliters the year before and Lou Gottlieb, Bass player and very funny man, had told me to call him when the time came when I made a record. He said it would be soon and he wanted to produce it. So I called and spent another week pretending that I knew what I was doing. It was fun and I was singing my heart out. Lou said he wished I could be more, I was wired and fired up. My favorite track was Malvina's "Count Ten". She came t the studio to hear her three songs recorded and we became good friends. Gordon Bok had written a great song called Red Bird which I sang. They did not credit Gordon because Leadbelly had a song by the same name. That's life in the business world.
Forgive me for taking up so much time and being long winded. I have never written and of this out before.

If you can stand it. I nearly forgot that the Highwaymen asked me to sing at the Bitter End in the village so the other members could hear me. I said I would and went there and met Bill Cosby who said that he would introduce me and I could make myself comfortable in the Green Room. I was there 3 hours and I heard him close the show. He was so sorry when he found me waiting. He put me in a cab and waved me off.
It turns out we were born 12 days apart.

That's all , I hope it was of interest to some of you. I send my thanks and warmest Regards to you all,
(in France)

04 Sep 11 - 09:45 AM (#3217994)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir CD releases
From: Mudinyoureye

I see only two spelling mistakes...I spelled any as and and I spelled high peaks without the s. Not bad for a dyslexic.
Bye for now.

04 Sep 11 - 11:31 AM (#3218033)
Subject: RE: Anne Mayo Muir CD releases
From: maeve

Annie- What a treat to open your thread again and see your wonderful long post! I'm delighted to learn that bit of your music history.

I went to hear Gordon and Carol last night in Woolwich; lots of new music along with some old favorites undergoing a sea change of years. I was glad I could tell one of your admirers there that, not only are you still making music, you have the new album of your very own, "Notes from Across the Sea" that she can purchase.