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'in Trafalgar Square, you'll see me standing there

29 Jul 99 - 04:30 PM (#100572)
Subject: A song my grandmother used to sing

I'm trying to find the title, words and a midi file to a drinking song my gandmother used to sing. It's probably Scottish, English or Irish in origin (fairly obvious, given I already said it's a drinking song).

The lyrics go somethign like this:

.... When in trafalgar square, you'll see me standing there on a pillar, just like Nelson In my top-hat, my tail-coat, my sporin and my kilt I called on Winston Churchhill....

Anybody know this song? Any and all replies will be appreciated.

29 Jul 99 - 06:24 PM (#100599)
Subject: RE: A song my grandmother used to sing
From: katlaughing

It works better if you include any words or title, if known, in the title of your thread. I have started another thread here for you to check on responses.

or, here:

Good luck. Please post to the new thread if you can help out. Thanks,


29 Mar 11 - 07:13 AM (#3123960)
Subject: RE: 'in Trafalgar Square, you'll see me standing there

in my tophat my tailcoat my sporrin and my kilt I stolled down piccadilly

you can hear the girls declare, he must be a millionaire

my SCottish dad sang it too. that's all i can remember! sorry

do you remember "cambellton Loch" GREAT drinking song....CL i wish ye were whiskey, CL ach aye. CL loch i wish ye were wiskey, i wid drink ye dry! LOL