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Anita Carter Dies

31 Jul 99 - 07:19 AM (#101101)
Subject: Anita Carter Dies
From: bob schwarer

Read in the paper this AM that Anita Carter died. She probably had the best singing voice of the family.

Any thoughts or rememberances ?

Bob S.

31 Jul 99 - 01:10 PM (#101139)
Subject: RE: Anita Carter Dies
From: Rick Fielding

I saw her and her Mom and sisters at the Horshoe tavern in Toronto in the late sixties. Sat in the front row. She was the prettiest as well!

31 Jul 99 - 10:13 PM (#101214)
Subject: RE: Anita Carter Dies
From: CarterNut

As you all can very well guess, I am a huge fan of The Carter Family. This is a great loss to not only the family and friends, but to Country/Oldtime/Folk music in general. All three of Maybelle's daughters had their special gift: Helen could play almost any musical instrument, June was the comedienne, and Anita could sing the prettiest. To say that Anita was the most talented of the whole family is a false statement, because when you say Carter you are saying talent. It was as a unit that each showed their talent most valiantly. In the Carter Family, Anita held those intricate harmonies together with her high, clear voice. That was her part, as every member had a part. Of course she was a gifted songwriter, musician, as well as a very versitile artist. She really couldn't help to be these things, just look at the heritage she had in her mother, who continually shaped all realms of Country, Folk, Oldtime, and Bluegrass Music. But let's only remember this as a part of her great life. Let us not forget that she was a devoted daughter, sister, and mother of two. Now she is once again singing with Uncle A.P., Aunt Sara, Helen, and Mother Maybelle somewhere beyond the blue.

John J.

01 Aug 99 - 10:15 AM (#101263)
Subject: RE: Anita Carter Dies
From: BK

When will the circle be unbroken? A true loss for us.

thanx for making it known - BK

01 Aug 99 - 11:25 AM (#101283)
Subject: RE: Anita Carter Dies
From: Peter T.

"I got to sing with the great Anita Carter not just once or twice or now and again in my career, but every night I went onstage. I bet you if you went around to the people who really know, the small number of musicians, singers, and fans who have heard enough to make a judgement based on all the evidence, not just the work readily available via radio and record, you'd find a fair number of them willing to endorse Anita Carter as the greatest female country singer of them all."
-- Johnny Cash, The Autobiography, pp. 178-9.

01 Aug 99 - 07:30 PM (#101394)
Subject: RE: Anita Carter Dies
From: bob schwarer

Listen to her do "Ring of Fire" (Loves Ring of Fire); really great.

Bob S.

01 Aug 99 - 09:12 PM (#101404)
Subject: RE: Anita Carter Dies
From: Barbara Shaw

A great way to hear clips of various artists and songs is to do a search on, which has many, many available to listen to (just enough of the song to get you to want to buy the album). I went there to look for the Carters and found several. Here's an album that has some clips by Anita (just copy and paste into the address bar):