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Parodies (using FS for Dummies)

31 Jul 99 - 09:36 AM (#101110)
Subject: Lyr Add: CORGI (parody of GEORDIE, Child #209)
From: Shimbo

The FS for Dummies thread suggests a thread for parodies may be worth a try. So, I'll kick it off, with apologies to Child ballad #209.
And hopefully I have now got the knack of lining everything up.



As I walked out over London Bridge
One misty morning early
I overheard a high-born lady
Was lamenting for her corgi.

Oh, my corgi it was stolen outside Buckingham walls
'Tis not the fate of many
It was born of the Queen's royal breed
And 'twill fetch a pretty penny.

The Duke looked over his left shoulder
And said, "My dearest Lizzie
I would have caught those wretched thieves
But alas, I was too busy."

The corgi it was sold by those cur-stealing curs
'Twas not one whit surprising
The cash was sorely needed to fund
Yet one more Irish uprising

So sailor lads and high-born gentry
From this song take you warning
Keep a firm hand on your corgi fair
From setting sun to early dawning