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Lyr Req: Witcha Way to Go (Huey 'Piano' Smith)

29 Jan 10 - 08:52 PM (#2825115)
Subject: Lyrics wanted: Huey 'Piano' Smith
From: GUEST,Robert

Does anyone have the lyrics to the 1950s song "Which A-way To Go" by Huey "Piano" Smith? I can't understand them on Youtube and the Huey Smith lyric sites don't have them.

29 Jan 10 - 11:55 PM (#2825206)
Subject: RE: Lyrics wanted: Huey 'Piano' Smith
From: PoppaGator

I figured might be able to help if I listened; I never heard of this particular song, but I am familiar with a lot of this artist's material and generally have no trouble understanding the lyrics. Bobby Marchand (vocalist of The Clowns; Huey himself led the band on piano but did not sing) generally enunciated quite clearly, unlike many others from his time and place.

(Also, having lived in New Orleans for several decades would probably help me decipher the dialect...)

However, when I went to YouTube to search for the video you didn't understand, no such item seems to exist. Or, at least, I couldn't find it. Maybe it exists, but at some site other than YouTube. Can you provide a link?

For those unfamiliar with Huey's work, it was quintessential "good-time" music from the early-early rock 'n' roll era. Here's a pageful of YouTube links to various numbers:

(Actually, you'll probably find that you ARE familiar with at least a few of these songs, true classics that have been covered by many artists in more recent years.)

30 Jan 10 - 01:23 AM (#2825212)
Subject: RE: Lyrics wanted: Huey 'Piano' Smith
From: GUEST,Robert

Hi Poppagagator. Thanks for your reply.
I don't know how to provide a link but I wrote in Youtube:
Huey Smith whitcha way to go   and it was the first one up.

Some one has put up the album cut with a photo of the album sleeve. Yeah, he wrote some great stuff, "Rockin' Pneumonia..." being one of them I think.I'm reading about him in Dr John's autobiography.

30 Jan 10 - 04:12 AM (#2825254)
Subject: RE: Lyrics wanted: Huey 'Piano' Smith
From: Mick Pearce (MCP)

This appears to be the link he's giving: Whitcha way to go


31 Jan 10 - 12:40 PM (#2826484)
Subject: Lyr Add: WITCHA WAY TO GO (Huey 'Piano' Smith)
From: Jim Dixon

I listened to the song on Rhapsody, and it was a bit clearer than copy on YouTube. Here's my transcription, but it still has a few gaps:

Huey P. Smith

1. When I took ...
I hit the streets and began to roam.
I don't know which-a-way that I have to go.
I'm tryin' to find my way back home.

2. Baby, oh, baby,
Please, baby, won't you let me come home.
I haven't had none of that good lovin', girl,
Ever since that I've been gone.

3. [BRIDGE] I been searchin', an' searchin',
Tryin' to find myself peace of mind,
But what I really needed, I had it
Waiting(?) at home all the time.

4. You can write me a letter,
Or you can call me on the telephone.
Please tell me which-a-way that I have to go.
I'm tryin' to find my way back home.

5. I thought I'd found a ....
But all it did was psych(?) my mind,
So if you've ever seen me laughin' loud,
I'm just tryin' to keep from cryin'.

REPEAT 3, 1.

6. I spent off all o' my money
On a whole lot o' monkeyshines(?).
Now all o' my friends have left me here.
I don't have a lousy dime.

REPEAT 3, 5, 1, 3, 4, 2(fade).

31 Jan 10 - 03:38 PM (#2826634)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Witcha Way to Go (Huey 'Piano' Smith)
From: GUEST,Robert

Thanks so much for these lyrics Jim. Ity's been a great help.
I think the first ine is "when I took to drinkin'..."

01 Feb 10 - 01:20 PM (#2827373)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Witcha Way to Go (Huey 'Piano' Smith)
From: PoppaGator

I guess my mistake was to type "Which A Way" instead of "Witcha Way" or "Whicha Way." One sometimes forget how unforgiving of subtle spelling differences the computer canb be. Well, subtle to us humans, but simply different to the search engine.

I'm at work with no audio ~ later on I'll try to listen and if I can clear up any of the very few omissions in Jim's transcription, I'll do what I can...