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Lyr Req: Angela Davis (Chris McCloud)

27 Mar 10 - 03:47 PM (#2873451)
Subject: Angela Davis
From: GUEST,robroy

Can anyone help me. I remember a protest song from the sixties or early seventies called Angela Davis. I cannot remember who it was by and am hping that someone on here can help. The only lines I can remember are
    Angela Davis on her black feet went running.
    Over white roads she left a trail.
Any help as to the performer would be gratefully received

27 Mar 10 - 09:24 PM (#2873635)
Subject: RE: Angela Davis
From: Neil D

I don't think this is it, but here's a song about Angela Davis from that time: "Sweet Black Angel" by The Rolling Stones

27 Mar 10 - 09:32 PM (#2873638)
Subject: RE: Angela Davis
From: Stower

Neil, I thought it may be that, or the song about her by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, but neither have the lyrics robroy mentions.

Sorry, robroy, I've looked but drawn a blank. Good luck.

27 Mar 10 - 09:43 PM (#2873646)
Subject: RE: Angela Davis
From: Neil D

Your right about not matching the lyrics, but here's the other one you mentioned: "Angela" by John and Yoko

27 Mar 10 - 09:51 PM (#2873650)
Subject: RE: Angela Davis
From: Stewie

The song you are looking for is 'Angela Davis' by Chris McCloud. It was recorded by the Johnstons on 'Colours of the Dawn'. This LP has been reissued on CD: The Johnstons 'Colours of the Dawn' Wooded Hill Recordings/Transatlantic Records Hill CD 9.

I had a file containing the lyrics which unfortunately I lost in a computer crash. I might be able to retrieve a copy from a friend. If so, I will post them in due course.


27 Mar 10 - 10:57 PM (#2873676)
Subject: Lyr Add: ANGELA DAVIS (Chris McCloud)
From: Stewie

Thanks to a prompt reply from my mate, I am able to supply the lyrics.

(Chris McCloud)

Angela Davis on her black feet went running
Over white roads she left a trail
They said she was a rebel and she ought to pay the price
For her hands had purchased guns for those in jail

But she said, 'You locked George Jackson up and threw the key away
'Black men are chattels in your eyes
'In Soledad, you know, you shot three of my brothers down
'And now you say that George must surely die'

They said Angela Davis your soul is not your own
Bow down to us, you'll never flee at night
You'll end up like George Jackson
You know he spent ten years
Growing whiter in a cell that has no light
Growing whiter in a cell that has no light

She said, 'George Jackson will go free
'And so will I, for well you know
'There comes a time when locks no longer hold
'I promise you the time has come, our passion is the key
'And the truth of your crimes will soon unfold
'For it's you who are the criminals, oppression is your crime
'Your white skin reflects an angry light
'But you can't imprison everyone who finds out what you are
'My people are invisible at night'


Still Angela Davis in her black voice goes singing
Down the corridors of justice till the day
When a dozen policemen may point to a clock
And then lock her cell and throw the key away
And now George Jackson is still in his cell
And he's standing trial for death, but still he sings
And a jury may free him or send him to his grave
And the question is: will I do anything?

Angela Davis your soul is your own
So don't bow down, don't try to flee at night
Your brothers must go free, and so must you, the time is near
There'll be no one in the cell that has no light
There'll be no one in the cell that has no light


28 Mar 10 - 05:46 AM (#2873771)
Subject: RE: song about Angela Davis

Thanks a million. You lot never fail to amaze me with your knowledge. Thanks once again

28 Mar 10 - 03:02 PM (#2874045)
Subject: RE: song about Angela Davis
From: GeoffLawes

I have a Cd of Ewan MacColl& Peggy Seeger songs and there is a song called Angela Davis which it says MacColl wrote in 1971 but Angela Davis is not mentioned by name in what is a dialogue song between the ideas of Romantic love expressed in MacColl's part of the performance and a down to earth, feminist idea of love expressed by Seeger. I have often wondered whether it is a mistake in titling because I don't see why MacColl would think that Angela Davis is a particularly apt title ? Any ideas about this ?

29 Mar 10 - 07:25 AM (#2874552)
Subject: RE: song about Angela Davis
From: Dave Sutherland

I'm almost certain that it was based on correspondence from Angela Davis in prison and it was published in one of the 1972 New City Songsters. (Unfortunately I'm at work and the copy is somewhere at home).
Possibly Jim Caroll can expedite before I can look it up.

16 Apr 11 - 08:05 AM (#3136274)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Angela Davis (Chris McCloud)
From: Ed Wethli

The Angela Davis number to which Geoff Lawes and Dave Sutherland refer is on an album by MacColl & Seeger entitled, At The Present Moment (1973). It's a love song but obviously a tribute to Angela Davis. I live in South Africa and haven't been able to get a copy of the CD - does anyone have the lyrics (Dave)?

20 Sep 12 - 06:50 PM (#3407942)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Angela Davis (Chris McCloud)
From: GUEST,999

The song title I think is 'Love for Love'. It used to be titled 'Angela Davis.'

The following is a customer review from

"This is quite simply the best feminist album I have ever come across, packed with intelligent, witty and affecting songs that range from What Do You Do All Day and the title track to such gems as Reclaim The Night, Gonna Be An Engineer, and Love For Love (a song previously known as Angela Davis), a duet with Ewan Maccoll. In her 50-year career, Peggy Seeger has written many radical songs and put her name to any number of poignant and powerful albums (what's more, she continues to do so), but this one is exceptionally good even by her high standards. It was initially issued in 1979 or thereabouts on the Blackthorne label in the UK (with a different cover) and Folkways in the US. A decade or so ago Peggy re-recorded some of the songs on this for a Tradition release titled Period Pieces."

We should be looking for a Peggy Seeger song.

14 Nov 17 - 04:29 PM (#3888597)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Angela Davis (Chris McCloud)

Try Leonard Cohen

28 Jun 18 - 09:34 PM (#3933958)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Angela Davis (Chris McCloud)

Ewan Maccoll wrote this based on writings between Angela Davis and George Jackson.
It's a beautiful song.

29 Jun 18 - 02:03 AM (#3933974)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Angela Davis (Chris McCloud)
From: Jim Carroll


Beautiful song indeed - thanks for the reminder
Jim Carroll

05 Jul 18 - 01:33 PM (#3935498)
Subject: Lyr Add: LOVE FOR LOVE (Peggy Seeger)
From: Jim Dixon

Only one word is uncertain in my transcription, in verse 5, line 6. It ought to rhyme with "pain" and it seems to start with "w" but "wain" makes no sense to me, so I decided to substitute "ways"--which makes sense but ruins the rhyme scheme. Can anyone improve on this?

As recorded by Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl on "Different Therefore Equal" (1979).*

1. Come my darling; we're a union,
Equals all along the line.
Here's my love then; come and take it.
I'll keep yours and you keep mine.
One and one a combination,
Love for love and equal shares,
Ev'ry burden shared in common,
Equal joys and equal cares.

2. Let me look into your eyes, love.
Let me breathe you in like air.
Breathe away, love, while you can
But don't forget the world out there.
Love your hands so small and slender.
Touch me with them; I'm undone.
Not too small to tear the old world
Down and learn to fire a gun.

3. Let me put my arms around you.
Let me drown, love, in a kiss.
Kiss away, love, but remember:
We stand on the precipice.
Love your lips so warm and tender.
Love the look that's in your eyes.
Eyes to face the facts of life, love;
Lips for shouting battle cries.

4. Love can help us teach each other,
Teach a pupil, both in one;
And then we'll start a chain reaction.
What you know, love, pass it on.
Adding two and two together,
Learning to explain the world,
Pooling all the knowledge gained and
Using it to change the world.

5. Let me lie, love, close beside you,
Feel your heartbeat close to mine.
Ev'ry heartbeat brings us closer,
Nearer to the battle line.
Love the way your touch can burn me.
Love your warmth; I love your ways(?).
Love your need; I love your hunger,
Sharing joy and love and pain.

6. Love can serve us as a weapon,
Help us fight through thick and thin.
You the stock; you the barrel.
Love's the bolt and firing pin.
Come on, now; demand what's yours.
The time is now; come on, begin.
Time to take what you create.
There's chains to lose, a world to win.

* Subtitled: "Contemporary Women's Songs written and sung by Peggy Seeger"

25 Nov 18 - 09:37 PM (#3963311)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Angela Davis (Chris McCloud)
From: GUEST,like-minded

that lyric, from the "at the present moment" record, in the fifth verse is:

love your warmth; i love your weight (prob not wait)
love your need; i love your hunger,
sharing joy and love and hate