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Whatever happened to?

31 Mar 10 - 05:45 AM (#2876310)
Subject: Whatever happened to?
From: Orson Trap

Saraband (later Honeydew),Porter Cunningham and Brownsville Banned.
I used to see them at the Duke of York in Eccles, Salford in the 70's/80's ish.

31 Mar 10 - 02:14 PM (#2876666)
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to?
From: GUEST,Ray

I think it was "Sarabande" with an "e" - a pretentious outfit; one of them played a Yamaha with a Martin transfer on the headstock. I remember t'others but have no idea what happened to them.

31 Mar 10 - 02:42 PM (#2876697)
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to?
From: paula t

Brownsville Banned split in 1985. Thet were great fun. They played a number of gigs my college in the early '80s and were always hilarious!

There's a website dedicated to them, with their history and 'photos. Just type, "Brownsville Banned" in and it will direct you there.

Lots of memories!


02 Apr 10 - 05:17 AM (#2877909)
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to?
From: Susanne (skw)

Shouldn't this thread be integrated with the existing, almost identically titled one, to prevent confusion?