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Lyr Req: Trad Wedding/Love Songs

04 Apr 10 - 04:05 PM (#2879546)
Subject: Lyr Req: Trad Wedding/Love Songs
From: GUEST,Ana

Help please! Special event coming special in fact that I feel a little dumbstruck in working out what to sing to my betrothed. Needs to be a love song, heartwarming but not tacky or cloying. Also needs to be a song that would suit a celtic sound female voice.

04 Apr 10 - 05:27 PM (#2879582)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Trad Wedding/Love Songs
From: Steve Gardham

I love my love because I know my love loves me. aka The Loyal Lover

It's really a lament in Bedlam, but if you omit the first 2 verses the rest would be appropriate and the tune is very pleasant. I'd imagine it's in the DT and I'm sure some kind soul will point you to an online recording.

What's a 'Celtic sound female voice'? Enya?

04 Apr 10 - 05:56 PM (#2879597)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Trad Wedding/Love Songs

Enya....? no, I'm a bit more earthy. I guess I have my own voice. Fairly good range, enjoy hitting pure top notes and playing with ornamentations. Not much vibrato. Sing quite a few unaccompanied (english/Scots/irish), and am particularly drawn to aires where I can get caught with the story and feeling rather than strict timing.
Thanks for your thoughts above - I'll look it up :)