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Wanted Castagnari Lilly

21 Apr 10 - 06:33 AM (#2891234)
Subject: Wanted Castagnari Lilly
From: Green Man

UK only please, I am looking for a reasonably priced Lilly to use while I wait for a Steb to be constructed for me.

Any leads would be appreciated.


21 Apr 10 - 08:26 AM (#2891276)
Subject: RE: Wanted Castagnari Lilly
From: SallyM

Try Dave Jolly of Jollybox
he might have something for you.

Sal the Gal

21 Apr 10 - 11:32 AM (#2891379)
Subject: RE: Wanted Castagnari Lilly
From: Mr Red

The only problem with a Streb is that they sound like a Yamaha Piano accordion. Which is not really a surprise, he uses the same chip.

And we will complain that it is electric..... You have been warned.

But on the plus side you can play in more keys than DG or BC - and annoy everyone except the drummer!