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Lyr/Chords ADD: San Antonio Rose (Bob Wills)^^^

08 Nov 96 - 09:54 PM (#324)
Subject: LYRIC REQUEST: San Antonio Rose


13 Nov 96 - 10:24 PM (#375)
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: SAN ANTONIO ROSE (Bob Wills)
From: Bill Day

San Antonio Rose - Bob Wills
       Bb        Bb7          Eb   C7
Deep within my heart lies a melody,
F7 F+ Bb
A song of old San An - tone.
Bb7 Eb C7
Where in dreams I live with a memory,
F7 Bb
Beneath the stars all alone.
Bb7Eb C7
It was there I found beside the Alamo
F7 Bb
Enchantment strange as the blue up above.
Bb7 Eb C7
A moonlit path only she would know,
F7 Bb
Still hears my broken song of love.
F Fdim C7 F C7 Abm C9
Moon in all your splendor, know only my heart
C Abm C9 F
Call back my Rose, Rose of San Antone.
Fdim F C7 F C C9
Lips so sweet and tender, like petals falling apart.
C Abm C9 F F7
Speak once a - gain of my love, my own.
Bb Bb7 Eb C7 F7 F+ Bb
Broken song, empty words I know still live in my heart all a - lone
Bb Bb7 Eb C7 F7 Bb

All I did was go to the Alta Vista search engine and type "San Antonio Rose" found this page on Western Swing:

14 Nov 96 - 06:10 PM (#386)
Subject: RE: LYRIC REQUEST: San Antonio Rose
From: dick greenhaus

Hi- (and thanx)

Bob Wills called this the NEW San Antonio Rose--Anybody know if there was an old one?

22 Nov 96 - 01:48 PM (#510)
Subject: RE: LYRIC REQUEST: San Antonio Rose
From: Ted Castle

Thanks to everyone for your help : )

08 Dec 98 - 10:50 PM (#48632)
Subject: RE: LYRIC REQUEST: San Antonio Rose
From: Dale Rose

Dick, it looks like my response is about two years late, but yes, there was a San Antonio Rose before the New San Antonio Rose. Wills originally wrote it as an instrumental. When it became widely popular, he added the words and called it the NEW San Antonio Rose. Hardly anyone makes the distinction anymore.

09 Dec 98 - 02:21 AM (#48661)
Subject: RE: LYRIC REQUEST: San Antonio Rose
From: Gene

Or here!


09 Dec 98 - 02:29 AM (#48664)
Subject: RE: LYRIC REQUEST: San Antonio Rose
From: Gene

Or here!


Or here!


21 Sep 03 - 04:29 PM (#1022630)
Subject: Lyr Add: SAN ANTONIO ROSE (parody, Homer & Jethro)
From: Jim Dixon

(Homer & Jethro)

Deep within my heart, there's a sss-melody
Of Rose of old San Antone,
And it caused a stir when they deported her,
For she forgot the Alamo.

Oh, her hair reminds me of the deep blue sea:
Not wild, not wavy, it just makes me sick.
It was plain so see that her anatomy
Was beaten with an ugly stick.

She was pickin' cotton in old Mexico
And pluckin' chickens to make some dough.
Headed for the border, ridin' on a hoss,
Then that cotton-pickin' chicken plucker came across.

Out behind the hockshop, there we met and kissed.
I tried to get her alone.
Then I took her out in the moonlight and mist [or "missed"?]
My Rose, my Rose of San Antone.

Now old Rose is gone, and I've lost my love
And for her kisses I yearn.
Now I know she's with the angels up above
'Cause she was just too tough to burn.

28 Nov 14 - 03:16 AM (#3680664)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: San Antonio Rose (Bob Wills)
From: Joe Offer

San Antonio Rose, filename[ SANANTON - our text twice mentions a "moonlit pass" - that's a "moonlit path" - the Alamo is on flatland, no passes nearby - verified with Bob Wills recording.