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Songs from 1931 film '24 Hours'

09 May 10 - 11:30 PM (#2903488)
Subject: Songs from 1931 film '24 Hours'
From: Joe Offer

From another thread:
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    Posted By: GUEST,Thomas C. Kelly
    09-May-10 - 09:44 PM
    Thread Name: Lyr Req: Harold Scrappy Lambert-'The River'
    Subject: torch singer in 1931 film "24 Hours" by Paramount
    Several years ago, I viewed a 1931 film "24 Hours" with Kay Francis & Miriam Hopkins. Hopkins was a torch singer in it and sang two songs.   The one I thought was great had words as follows:   "When I tell him it's all over and he's just an also ran - - no use trying to leave that man - - "    I have never heard the song anywhere else. Do you know where I could find a copy of this song with her singing it.   I still can't forget the movie. It was really fascinating. Please help if you are able. Thank you.

Thomas, Click here for the Wikipedia article on the film, and be sure to follow the links.
It won't answer your question, but it will give you a start.

10 May 10 - 05:36 AM (#2903571)
Subject: RE: Songs from 1931 film '24 Hours'
From: The Doctor

IMDb lists Rudolph G Kopp and John Leipold as the composers, uncredited, of the original music, but gives no further details. There is a song by Kopp, One hour with you, dated 1932, which may or may not be relevant, but so far no further details.

10 May 10 - 05:37 AM (#2903572)
Subject: RE: Songs from 1931 film '24 Hours'
From: Mick Pearce (MCP)

It could be It's No Use Trying To Leave That Man" (Coslow/King) which was copyrighted in 1931 (see entry here: LOC Index of Copyright Entries Vol26). (My musicals books for 1931 only refer to her in the Smiling Lieutenant, so I can't offer any more help).


14 Mar 15 - 08:36 PM (#3694092)
Subject: RE: Songs from 1931 film '24 Hours'
From: GUEST,Thomas C. Kelly

thank you very much, Mick. Sorry for very late reply. I'm still looking for this song. I love the way Miriam Hopkins sings it in the movie 24 Hours.