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Lyr Req: The Twenty-First of May

15 Aug 99 - 04:15 AM (#105152)
Subject: The twenty-first of May
From: Nobby

Hi, there,

Can anyone help me with a lead to a song with the line: "'Twas a fine summer's day, the twenty-first of May"

Reason for my search:-

An elderly (in his 89th year) relation died a few years ago and I am responsible for his funeral arrangements. In one of our last conversations, I asked his date of birth. The reply was that I could always remember it from the old Wiltshire folk song with the above line. I'd like to have it played at his funeral -- might enliven an otherwise morbid occasion!

Many thanks for any help.

01 May 03 - 09:23 AM (#944342)
Subject: RE: The twenty-first of May
From: Jim Dixon

Really? He died a few years ago and you're still planning his funeral? Well, it may be late for the funeral, but it's never too late to add useful information to the database. There's a song called "The Turmot Hoer" [one who hoes turnips] that begins "'Twas on a jolly summer's morn, the twenty-first of May."

There are several versions of that song in this thread.