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Songs & Gigs for the Gulf of Mexico

08 Jul 10 - 04:21 AM (#2941624)
Subject: Songs&Gigs for The Gulf of Mexico
From: Lizzie Cornish 1

I'll start with this moving song that I've literally just come across on Facebook...

'I Am The Gulf of Mexico' by Bill Haughey

Mudcat is filled with some BRILLIANT songwriters, and this world needs you...right NOW. So, please, get out there, sing your songs, wake people up, unite them in anger and in sorrow...touch their souls, and who knows what might start to happen..

Gigs for the Gulf - Facebook Page

(Great song on there too from Tracey Chapman 'The Rape of The World')

"This Guitar Kills APATHY!"

08 Jul 10 - 05:00 AM (#2941635)
Subject: RE: Songs for The Gulf of Mexico
From: Lizzie Cornish 1

And here is another Facebook page that some of you may want to join..

Musicians and Artists Unite For the Gulf of Mexico