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Fire Sales/Scaling Down Gear

28 Jul 10 - 04:58 PM (#2954036)
Subject: Fire Sales/Scaling Down Gear
From: Big Ballad Singer

A few music-related/economic questions:

1. Is anyone here itinerant for most or all of the year? By that I mean living on the road and going from gig to gig as they are booked or as you can get them.

2. Does anyone here perform on a strictly pass-the-hat basis, or do most, if not all, of the regular giggers have a fee they charge?

3. Has anyone here had to have a "fire sale" or scale back their performing gear or sound rig or simply own fewer instruments because of the downturns in economic health in various places, esp. here in the States?

4. Does anyone here support themselves by means of "creative" income, such as flea-market selling, bartering, a combination of gigging and tinkering or being a jack-of-all-trades type?

Just wonderin'.



28 Jul 10 - 10:17 PM (#2954207)
Subject: RE: Fire Sales/Scaling Down Gear
From: Willie-O

1. I don't know for sure, but...I think the great majority of us who make some or all of our coin from playing live somewhere in particular, where we have developed a reputation, and gig in a radius around there.

2. The latter.

3. Yup. But it was not due to "general economic downturn", it was due to me being broke. I try not to panic and sell stuff off for less than it's worth anymore--having some regrets about past decisions in that regard.

4. Used to be the last...but should note that my partner has always had a real job, and these days I do too.