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Lyr Req: El Rancho Grande

21 Apr 97 - 04:18 AM (#4106)
Subject: El Rancho Grande - lyrics?
From: Joe Offer

Can somebody post the lyrics to "El Rancho Grande"? A translation and chords would be nice, too. -Joe-

21 Apr 97 - 07:42 PM (#4149)
Subject: Lyr Add: EL RANCHO GRANDE
From: Gene Graham

Here ya go! Knock yourself out!

Recorded by Jim Mallory and his Range Riders
English lyrics Bartley Costello
Spanish lyrics by J. del Moral
Music by Emilio Uranga

CAPO: 3rd Fret/KEY: F/PLAY: D

REFRAIN: I [D] love to roam out yonder
Out where the Buffalo [A7] wander
Free as the Eagle flying
I'm roping and a-[D] tying
I'm roping and a-tying.

Give me my [D] ranch and my [A7] cattle
Far from the great city's [D] rattle
Give me a big herd to [A7] battle
For I just love herding [D] cattle.

REFRAIN: Alla en la rancho grande
Alla donde vivia
Habia una ranche rita
Que alegre me decia
Que alegra me decia.

Te voy hacer tus calzones
Como los usa el ranchero
Te los comienzo de lana
Te los acabo de cuero.

Sometimes the winter storms tearing;/ Set all the cattle a-raring
But when the winter is over;/ We're sure enough in the clover.

Give me the wide open spaces;/ That's just where I know my place is
I love the Ro-de-o dearly;/ And the Big Round-up yearly.

Though we play seven eleven;/ My ranch is next door to Heaven
We smile when we take a-beatin';/ But hang a rat when he's cheatin'.

26 May 05 - 11:54 PM (#1494055)
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Odd that no one has translated the Spanish verses given above, or provided more of the Spanish lyrics of this ranchera.
I have not found documentation of the authors J. D. del Moral, and Emilio D. Uranga.

The most common Spanish verses, given above, are the chorus (coro), and the 1st verse.

Allá en el rancho grande,
allá donde vivía,
había una rancherita,
que alegre me decía,
que alegre me decía:

"Voy a hacerte unos calzones
como los que usa el ranchero.
Te los comienzo de lana
y los acabo de cuero."

Down on the big ranch,
Down there where I lived,
There was a girl
who merrily said to me:

I am going to make you a pair of breeches
Like those worn by a rancher,
I will begin making them of wool
And finish them in leather."


Allá el el rancho grande
allá donde vivía,
había una rancherita
que alegre me decía,
que alegre me decía:

Te voy a hacer unos calzones
como los que usa el ranchero,
te los comienzo de lana,
te los acabo de quero.


El gusto de los rancheros
es tener su buen caballo,
"pa" ensillarlo por las tardes
darle la vuelta al vallado.


Nunca te fíes de promesas
ni mucho menos de amores,
que si te dan calabasas
verás lo que son ardores.


Pon muy atento el oído
cuando rechine la puerta
hay muertos que no hacen ruido
y son muy gordas sus penas.


Cuando te pidan cigarro
no des cigarro y cerillo,
porque si das las dos cosas
te tantearán de zorillo.


There are many other verses, some of them bawdy. If anyone knows them, please post.

27 May 05 - 12:36 AM (#1494077)
Subject: RE: El Rancho Grande - lyrics?
From: Gene

Hey one semester of Spanish back in 1957 didn't help me
all that much...i just typed the words from the sheet music..

27 May 05 - 11:57 AM (#1494338)
Subject: RE: El Rancho Grande - lyrics?
From: GUEST,Lighter at lunch

The song appears in the Lomaxes' "American Ballads and Folksongs" (1934). Will check into it.

27 May 05 - 12:47 PM (#1494389)
Subject: RE: El Rancho Grande - lyrics?
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Lighter, the Lomaxes attribute the song to Sylvano R. Ramos, copyright 1927, Edward B. Marks Music Corp. This is more likely than attribution to Uranga, who seems to have been active about a decade later, but I think the song is even older.

In ABFS, the version is credited by the Lomaxes to a publication of the Texas Folk-Lore Society. The full reference should be:

Joaquin Moro, 1931, "Songs the Vaqueros Sing," p. 119, in "Southwestern Lore," ed. J. Frank Dobie, Publ. Texas Folk-Lore Society, no. 9, 1931.
Moro makes no mention of author, and provides music, coro and first verse only. If the song was composed only four years earlier, it is surprising that Moro and the Texas Folk-Lore Society did not credit the author.
Moro is cited as an architect, living in Austin, TX, reared in the Rio Grande Valley and a former resident of northern Mexico.

27 May 05 - 01:11 PM (#1494405)
Subject: RE: El Rancho Grande - lyrics?
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Google did not turn up anyone named Sylvano R. Ramos. Neither does the Texas Handbook.
The University of Pennsylvania sheet music collection has "En el Rancho Grande," Uranga and Ramos, Marks Co., no date, and also in the collection "Pennsylvanians," stock arrangement, Uranga, D., E. B. Marks 1934.

Uranga worked on Mexican films in the 1950s and is known as the author of the song "El negra noche." "Alla en el rancho grande" was a Mexican film of 1936 with music by Uranga, Del Moral, Ramos and Tito Guizar. Sheet music with English words, Uranga listed as music author, came out in 1934.

These dates are after unattributed publication of the song by the Texas Folh-Lore Society in 1931.

27 May 05 - 04:53 PM (#1494569)
Subject: RE: El Rancho Grande - lyrics?
From: Barbara Shaw

My grandfather, who died in 1932 in Tombstone AZ, used to sit in the evenings with his brother playing guitar and banjo. One of the songs they sang was "El Rancho Grande," according to my aunt.

27 May 05 - 08:20 PM (#1494697)
Subject: RE: El Rancho Grande - lyrics?
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

My horse, my wife- not quite maritally correct.

Mi mujer y mi caballo
Se me murieron a un tiempo
mi mujer Dios le perdone,
el caballo es lo que siento

This one belongs with the calzones verse:

Te voy hacer tu camisa
como las usa el ranchero
con el cuello a media espalda
y las mangas hasta el suelo.

A variant of el gusto---

El gusto de un buen ranchero
es tener su buen caballo
sacarlo por las mañanas
darle le vuelta al vallado.

Gene, the version you typed, I think I remember, is the one also used by Bing Crosby.

26 Jun 05 - 11:16 AM (#1510277)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: El Rancho Grande
From: GUEST,Gene

found a stack of Armed Forces Song Folios awhile back
at an estate sale.

the October 1962 edition has

Alla En El Rancho Grande

listing Bartley Costello as English Lyrics source

and Spanish Lyrics and Music by Silvano R. Ramos

[Spanish lyrics are identical to those posted above]

26 Jun 05 - 03:27 PM (#1510434)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: El Rancho Grande
From: GUEST,Seth in Olympia

I used to have a Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies 78 of that song with only English lyrics

26 Jun 05 - 03:53 PM (#1510452)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: El Rancho Grande
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

I have re-checked my previous 1927 attribution to Ramos- "Alla en El Rancho Grande" was copyright in 1927 by Edward B. Marks Music Corp. for Silvano R. Ramos (words and music).
Took a while to find that this is correct (it is cited in Lomax and Lomax, 1934, "American ballads and Folk Songs, p. 361-361, but I don't trust their citations).
In 1936, Bartley Costello and Silvano R. Ramos published the version sung by Gene Autry (1940) and so many others.
In 1936, it was used in the Mexican film of he same name; Ramos is credited.

The Texas Folklore Society article by Moros is dated 1931; I still find it odd that the editors were unaware of the 1927 copyright.

26 Jun 05 - 09:23 PM (#1510638)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: El Rancho Grande
From: Lighter

Am not surprised by TFS's ignorance of the 1927 copyright. Standards of folklore research by and large have improved greatly in the last 75 years.

27 Jan 11 - 02:49 PM (#3083509)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: El Rancho Grande
From: GUEST,Frank Chavez

There is great controversy over who wrote "Alla en el Rancho Grande". In fact, it was a very famous case. Look it up. Emilio D. Uranga wrote the music and Juan Diaz del Moral wrote the lyrics for a musical play produced in Mexico. This was before the song was used in the film staring Tito Guizar in Mexico. The movie was supposed to be called "El Caporal", but was only changed to "Alla en el Rancho Grande" when Tito Guizar suggested it (he sings the song in the movie). Silvano R. Ramos copyrighted the song in the States with English lyrics by Bartley Costello. Ramos took the publisher of a book (I believe published by the University of Texas Press in Austin, Texas, for giving credit to Emilio Donato Uranga and Juan Diaz del Moral as authors of the song. They registered the song with SACM, the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico, but Silvano R. Ramos and Barley Costello copyrighted with ASCAP. All said and done, I believe that the song was an anonymous folk song that Uranga arranged for the stage in Mexico. Silvano later returned to Mexico. I don't think he ever registered anything with SACM.

27 Jan 11 - 07:43 PM (#3083701)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: El Rancho Grande
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Very interesting.
SACM, Sociedad de Autores y Compositores de Mexico, list the song as follows:

Alla en el Rancho Grande
ISWC: T.035.000.821-7
compositor-autor 00054126011 Uranga Donato Emilio SACM
autor 00054126011 Diaz del Moral Juan SACM
editor original 00160694172 Promontora HispanoAmerica De SACM

The SACM website has a biography of Juan Diaz del Moral, with details of the song and other compositions.

Text is in Spanish, a mostly intelligible English translation is provided.

03 Feb 11 - 07:17 PM (#3088231)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: El Rancho Grande

Rancho Grande was the name of a large ranch owned by Abel Head 'Shanghei" Pierce and his brother Jonothan E. Pierce down on the Tres Palacious River in South-Central Texas. This was and still is in Matagorda County and Wharton County and dates back to the days in mid-nineteenth century. However, there were many grande ranchos in those times. I won't but,old Shang would claim that song in a heartbeat.

03 Feb 11 - 09:40 PM (#3088285)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: El Rancho Grande
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Doubtful that the song's composers knew of Shanghai Pierce's Rancho Grande.
(The ranch was established in 1871. The Pierce Estate were the first to import Brahman cattle from India)