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Lyr Req: Life Is Just That Way (Finbar Furey)

31 Oct 10 - 04:58 AM (#3019841)
Subject: Lyr searched: Life is just that way
From: GUEST,Konrad

Finbar Furey and Alex Campbell should be the singers of that song in the early seventies. Its about "you ask me   where the grass has gone...". Lyrics shall be a revival-gift for my husbands 60. birthday, she has sung that song in her youth in the streets.
thanks from the northern sea

01 Nov 10 - 11:06 AM (#3020750)
Subject: RE: Lyr searched: Life is just that way
From: Jim Dixon

According to, LIFE IS JUST THAT WAY is sung by Áine Furey on her albums "Sweetest Summer Rain" (2001) and "Lady Sings the World" (2004); also on "Huks Music Sampler 2000" and "Huks Music Sampler 2001."

Eddie Furey sang it on "A Dream in My Hand" (2008).

I couldn't find any lyrics or online recordings.

01 Nov 10 - 11:33 AM (#3020770)
Subject: Lyr Add: LIFE IS JUST THAT WAY (Finbar Furey)
From: GUEST,Erich

LIFE IS JUST THAT WAY (written by Finbar Furey)

Why do children frown like this
And why not do they smile
And tell me why not do they play
Just for a little while
The ponds they are all polluted
And the little fish are gone away
So wipe your tears little baby
For life is just that way

You ask me where the grass is gone
They've taken it away
To build a concrete playground
They call the motorway
And the trees they went all black and damp
And the leaves they did decay
So wipe your tears little baby...

You ask me where the birds have gone
And did they really fly
They fed them poisonous seed to eat
And they also had to die
And the eggs went hard with the yellow crust
And they all died on that way
So wipe...

You ask me where all life has gone
With eyes that look so sad
Pollution was the cause of it
It spread all through this land
With sours and wounds they fell all night
And they all died through that day
So wipe ..

So now you see little baby
You can not play out there
We really tried to tell them
But they did not really care
You may sit and play with your toys in here
But you must not stay away
So wipe

(from the cover of "A Dream in my Hand"

15 Apr 17 - 04:22 AM (#3850558)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Life Is Just That Way (Finbar Furey)
From: GUEST,Erika Moser

Thank you so much for the lyrics !!!

Happy Easter to you all from Hamburg, Germany,