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Song Challenge! 2.0 INDEX

03 Nov 10 - 12:10 PM (#3022588)
From: Trapper

Since Mousethief has kindly revived the SONG CHALLENGE!, I thought it fit that there was a new INDEX thread for the songs. Maybe Joe Offer can make this a Perma-Thread too, and keep it updated??

- Al


    This is a moderated Mudcat PermaThread™, intended to index the second series of Mudcat Song Challenge! threads. Be aware that messages in this thread may be edited or deleted. This thread will be moderated by Trapper and Mousethief.
    -Joe Offer-

03 Nov 10 - 01:44 PM (#3022658)
From: GUEST,Grishka

Before this thread becomes a closed institution, may I suggest that either here or on another thread we name

    remarkable Challenge contributions of the past,

including Áine's Challenges and all other ones? I could start with a couple of candidates, but before, I think, one of the Mudcat Powers should pronounce rules. The purpose should be

a) to enable us newchums to read old threads selectively
b) to allow for appreciation and discussion without refreshing the old threads.

Whole Challenges or sequences of entries may be noteworthy as well. Please include clickies.

(Of course I shall not feel insulted if this message is moved or deleted after notice.)

03 Nov 10 - 02:10 PM (#3022676)
From: Trapper

Grishka -

Do you mean something like this? :-D

Aine's orignal SONG CHALLENGE! INDEX #1-#98

- Al

03 Nov 10 - 03:06 PM (#3022729)
Subject: RE: Song Challenge! 2.0 INDEX
From: Joe Offer

Please note that you can find all the Song Challenge threads by putting Song Challenge in the filter and setting the age back to "all."

Search for Song Challenge threads

03 Nov 10 - 03:50 PM (#3022772)
Subject: RE: Song Challenge! 2.0 INDEX
From: GUEST,Grishka

> Do you mean something like this? :-D

Indices are a good idea, especially if they add information to the mere titles (which can be found by search).

Apart from long lists, I'd like a guide to selective reading. Áine mentioned a "winners" page which is no longer online - of course, Challenges are not really about winning. On the Newcomers' Guide page, one Challenge is mentioned as an outstanding example, and indeed I enjoyed reading it very much. I cannot possibly read all Challenges, so I'd be grateful for further recommendations.

Also, I feel there is more to be commented about the contributions than just "excellent!" or "hilarious!". A possible rule for such a thread could be: always give a reason, such as "I recommend Xxxx's contribution for reading because it conveys the genuine feeling of a folksong without imitating a particular one" or "Xxxx discovered a new genre for parody" or "a quick reaction" or "ingenious abuse" or "Challenge yyy produced a long chain of one topping the other" etc. Quality of songwriting is only one criterion among many to make a thread worth reading.