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We've never had it so good (Jim McLean)

19 Nov 10 - 05:16 PM (#3036256)
Subject: ADD: We've Never Had It So Good (Jim McLean)
From: Jim McLean

It would seem songs I wrote about 50 years ago are topical again! This one was on the Ding Dong Dollar LP in 1962 when PM Harold MacMillan said 'we've never had it so good'.

Words: Jim McLean Tune: Kellyburn Braes (the Farmer's Curst Wife)

They say that weve never had it sae guid
Right fol right fol tittie fol day
They say that weve never had it sae guid
But who in the hell are they try in tae Kid?
Wi a right fol dol — tittie fol dol — right fol right fol tittie fol day

They gie the auld folk fifty shillins:
Three cheers for Mister Harold Macmillan.

We've aa got fridges an tellies sae grand —
God bless the Queen, an the H.P. man!

We've aa got rockets an missiles as well —
Lets gie them tae Gaitskell, an send him tae hell!

I wish some power the gift wad gie me
Tae clap aa the Scottish M.Ps in Barlinnie.

I doot but oor heids are made oot o wid,
Because weve never been had sae guid!

19 Nov 10 - 05:43 PM (#3036287)
Subject: RE: We've never hadit so good
From: gnu

History repeats.