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My MTV debut!

16 Dec 10 - 09:57 AM (#3054731)
Subject: My MTV debut!
From: reggie miles

It's a small thing. Yes, but I couldn't help myself. I had to share this.

When I think of fingerpickin' acoustic bottleneck slide Folk/Blues with a DIY homemade resophonic guitar, street performing, or spoon playing, I don't readily associate those musical folk arts with MTV. Who'd a thunk it? It's a Christmas miracle, it is!

Just over a year ago, I was invited by my friend Artis The Spoonman to help him with a video project. That project was slated to appear on MTV's new online site called B-Sides. Director Virginia Bogert's short doc has just been posted online. Here's a link to the site.

The video features pieces of several of my original musical compositions, including my new song, "That's More Like It". Once at the site look for the link to the "Seattle Scene". Once there, you'll find the video about Artis The Spoonmen. Enjoy!

16 Dec 10 - 10:00 AM (#3054733)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: Will Fly

UK' Catters will see the words: "Copyrights restrict us from showing this video outside the US".

Shame. Anyway - all the best wishes for your music.

16 Dec 10 - 11:15 AM (#3054782)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: Wesley S

Great stuff Reggie. Any CD's of your music available? And what kind of resonator were you using?

16 Dec 10 - 01:02 PM (#3054875)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: reggie miles

Will, Thanks for that report and the best wishes. Dang! I had no idea that there was a copyright issue to viewing this outside the US. So sorry to hear that! Spoonman is actually visiting in the UK this month. He won't be able to view this until he returns next year.


Wesley, Thanks!

I have CDRs that I produce. My three latest are "Handsful O' Blues", "These Old Shoes" and "War Mongerin' Man". CD Baby has 5 of my 8 CDRs available. There are also many places online where you can purchase Mp3s of my original music, like iTunes. I'm presently developing the songs for my next three recordings. "That's More Like It", will be among the songs featured on my next Blues recording.

My reso is my own design. I call it a Nobro, because it's a hybrid of a National and a Dobro resophonic guitar. I built this one about 20 years ago from junk that I found at garage sales and swap meets.

16 Dec 10 - 01:19 PM (#3054894)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: Wesley S

Dang but that's some pretty impressive picking. Here's a link to Reggie's page at CD Baby:

CD Baby link

17 Dec 10 - 12:24 PM (#3055670)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: EBarnacle

This past Monday, I had the plesure of being a backgrounder on the MTV show, Silent Library. I am very glad I was not a contestant. Instead, all of us backgrounders sat at tables in the background, looking disapprovingly at the antics of the contestants.

17 Dec 10 - 12:50 PM (#3055683)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: GUEST,leeneia

Thanks, Reggie. I enjoyed it.

17 Dec 10 - 03:02 PM (#3055796)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: katlaughing

Very kewl, Reggie, thanks!

17 Dec 10 - 04:32 PM (#3055861)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: Lonesome EJ

Great stuff, Reggie!

You are probably the only Mudcatter who would know the answer to this this the "Spoonman" referred to in the song by Soundgarden?

17 Dec 10 - 06:45 PM (#3055965)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: Wesley S

According to the video he is.

18 Dec 10 - 11:04 AM (#3056414)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: reggie miles

Nutz! I just realized, after posting this news, that I made a typo in my original post. It was late. I was tuckered out. I wrote, Spoonm'e'n instead of Spoonman.


EBarnacle, they asked you to look that way at the contestants?


leeneia, thanks!


katlaughing, yep, I guess it's true what they say, rolling stones gathers no moss. I didn't have to chase after MTV. They came to Seattle in search of content. I was just in the right place at the right time and I knew the right Spoonman.


Lonesome EJ, just to reaffirm, yep, he's the one who played on the recording with Soundgarden and was featured in their video too. That song, that video and their CD won the Grammy, for best of the year, that year. That's some serious attention.


18 Dec 10 - 11:28 AM (#3056433)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: GUEST,Neil D

Very cool!

18 Dec 10 - 02:49 PM (#3056602)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: Bob Landry

Very nice Reggie. The video played without a hitch here in snowy Alberta.

18 Dec 10 - 05:27 PM (#3056704)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: Lonesome EJ

There I go, praising the project before I even watched the video, Reggie. Thanks for answering the question which watching it would've answered!
Great stuff indeed! We need to jam sometime...get to the Getaway next year!

18 Dec 10 - 05:41 PM (#3056711)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: gnu


18 Dec 10 - 09:42 PM (#3056838)
Subject: RE: My MTV debut!
From: reggie miles

Thanks Neil!


Thanks Bob and many thanks for that report from snowy Alberta.


Hey Lonesome EJ, I'm not familiar with the Getaway but a getaway sounds like fun. Where does this take place? Can I get there via hitchhiking? Is there free food or an adequate dumpster to raid available? Do they have ditches to sleep in? Can you look sub-human and smell unwashed and still get in to jam? If you've answered yes to any of the previous questions, I'm so there. ;o)


gnu, yep! Thanks for that "yup"!