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Hawker's Early Surprise Present

03 Jan 11 - 05:59 PM (#3066547)
Subject: Hawker's Early Surprise Present......
From: Hawker

I would just like to thank all those lovely angels that conspired to create the most amazing and generous early 50th birthday present, I am totally overwhelmed by the whole thing, humbled by your kindness and blessed indeed to have such wonderful friends! Thank you all....The CD will, hopefully, be out in early May, I hope you can all wait till then, I will do my best to make it worth waiting for!
Thank you all so very, very much!
Much love, Lucy x

04 Jan 11 - 02:41 AM (#3066781)
Subject: RE: Hawker's Early Surprise Present......
From: My guru always said

We are So looking forward to hearing it Lucy!

04 Jan 11 - 04:23 PM (#3067240)
Subject: RE: Hawker's Early Surprise Present......
From: Andy Jackson

I reckoned it was a good way to steal all your songs Lucy!

25 Apr 11 - 08:27 PM (#3142320)
Subject: RE: Hawker's Early Surprise Present
From: Hawker

Have got the first master to listen to, have done that and there are a couple of pops, tweaks and the like to do and then its all systems go.......looking like being ready at the end of May, so will probably launch it at Bude Folk Festival :0)
I would like to humbly thank all who have been involved, my lovely backing singers......Amber Burrow, Kevin Burrow, Mike Jurkiewicz, Jerry Tuffley, Keven Taylor, Liz Crow Jon Heslop, Tina O'Connor and the amazing Mike O'Connor, who has been my mentor, musical maestro, backing vocalist, recording technician and sound there NOTHING this man can't do?
Its been a long and at times bumpy journey, but hopefully I have done the best I can, with a little help from som wonderful friends.
I'll keep you posted on progress.
Thank you ALL again! Lucy x