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Lomax Collection Sea Songs & Shanties

28 Jan 11 - 02:52 PM (#3084217)
Subject: Lomax Collection Sea Songs & Shanties
From: shipcmo

Lomax Collection Sea Songs & Shanties

Cox, Harry
Stormy Old Weather (The Fishes)

Purvis, Tom, Slade, Stanley
Haul On The Bowline (I)

Purvis, Tom
Shake Her Johnny

Green, Phil, Slade, Stanley

Green, Phil, Purvis, Tom
The Amsterdam Maid (I'll Go No More A Roving)

Cox, Harry
Cruising Round Yarmouth

Cox, Harry
She Was A Rum One

Cox, Harry
The Maid Of Australia

Cox, Harry
Maggie May

Cox, Harry
Seventeen Come Sunday (As I Walked Out)

Roberts, Bob   
Stormy Weather, Boys

Lloyd, A. L. (Bert)
The Cruel Ship's Captain

28 Jan 11 - 03:13 PM (#3084233)
Subject: RE: Lomax Collection Sea Songs & Shanties
From: Fred McCormick

Thanks for that. While searching around the Cultural Equity site I came across the following quote from the FBI file on Alan Lomax.

"Neighborhood investigation shows him to be a very peculiar individual in that he is only interested in folk lore music, being very temperamental and ornery. …. He has no sense of money values, handling his own and Government property in a neglectful manner, and paying practically no attention to his personal appearance. … He has a tendency to neglect his work over a period of time and then just before a deadline he produces excellent results." (from the FBI file on Alan Lomax, 1940–1980)

Goddamn pinkos :-)