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Free Protest Song events in Edinburgh

30 Jan 11 - 05:14 AM (#3085122)
Subject: Free Protest Song events in Edinburgh
From: GUEST,Ewan McVicar

Peace, Protest and Rebel Shenanigans
Two free events for the Let's Get Lyrical Festival
7pm, 10th and 17th February
Word Power Books, 45 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh
Phone: 0131 662 9112
10th at 7pm Peace and Protest
with Ian Davison, Murdoch Kennedy, Stuart McHardy, Nancy Nicolson, Ewan McVicar
The Glasgow Eskimos singing campaign opposed the might of the Holy Loch American nuclear submarine base. Songmakers Ian Davison and Nancy Nicolson have created pro-peace songs that have inspired many marchers and demonstrators, including the 1980s SCND Buskers.
17th at 7pm Rebel Shenanigans
with Eileen Penman, John Greig, Ukes Against Nukes, Steven Clark, Ewan McVicar
Singing trouble-makers celebrate The Bo'ness Rebel Ceilidh songs of the 1950s that celebrated the 1950 Reiving of the Stane o Scone and urged the creation of a Scottish Republic, and the later songmakers who opposed the 1980s Poll Tax and the Gulf Wars.
From Ewan McVicar

30 Jan 11 - 07:31 PM (#3085568)
Subject: RE: Free Protest Song events in Edinburgh
From: Ian Fyvie

If I lived nearer I'd come and do a spot for you.

My song 'Spectral Paradise'* should be downloadable (inc. lyrics) on: Myspace/fyviesfolk.

*'Spectral Paradise' - the difference.

So many 'green' songs simply wail about what 'WE' as humanity are doing to our unique Planet Earth. 'Spectral Paradise' lays the blame for ecologiocal destruction not with us, but sqarely at the door of Capitalists. By Capitalists I mean those after 'return on Capital' regardless of floods, landslides, climate change and other social and eco destruction, in the persuit of a healthy balance sheet - the bottom line.

I'll try a blue clicky for the reference after I sign off. Hope readers have the patience to look up 'Spectral Paradise' on Myspace if it goes wrong!

Ian Fyvie

Ian Fyvie