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Info: Colin Wilkie

08 Mar 11 - 06:59 AM (#3109532)
Subject: Colin Wilkie
From: GUEST,John MacKenzie

Some of us are old enough to remember Colin Wilkie and Shirley Hart in their UK days. For many years now they have lived and worked in Germany, where they are very popular, and Colin has his own radio programme.
I attach a link to his web site, which is in German and English, here
This was prompted by news of his latest CD, details on the site.

08 Mar 11 - 07:04 AM (#3109533)
Subject: RE: Colin Wilkie
From: Fidjit

Yes of course Joh.

Have their LP.
That's where I learnt my version of "White Cockade"


08 Mar 11 - 08:35 AM (#3109576)
Subject: RE: Colin Wilkie
From: Vin2

Hey i had an LP of theres way back in the late sixties (i think). Sea shanties methinks it was - greeat stuff

08 Mar 11 - 12:08 PM (#3109707)
Subject: RE: Colin Wilkie
From: Nigel Paterson

Fond memories of Colin at Chelmsford Folk Club in the glorious 60s. Captivating performer & really nice chap too. Glad to hear he's still so active,

08 Mar 11 - 04:44 PM (#3109908)
Subject: RE: Colin Wilkie
From: breezy

One evening in the mid 60s , they were performing at the Yorkshire Folk centre ,in Brighouse Leeds, run by Bob and Carole Pegg

Colin was introducing a song and Mrs P yelled out 'Oh get on with it ' or words to that effect.

Thats when I realised I preferred some entertainment to lectures.

I recall how they sang their signature song to the same tune as Roddy MacCorley

Its great to hear of them after 45 years, they and Alex C etc inspirational

thanks Colin

and thanks John mac