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Goldtone Banjitar GT-750 strap

19 Mar 11 - 01:38 PM (#3117070)
Subject: Goldtone Banjitar GT-750 strap

Hi, all. I don't want to appear stupid, but I just got a Goldtone GT-750 banjitar. It's beautiful and plays wonderfully...however, I have no clue where or how to add a strap to it. It doesn't seem to have the usual "metal clasp" that a banjo has, and I just can't seem to figure this out. I've even tried navigating the Goldtone website but can't seem to find it there. Any thoughts, help or suggestions would be appreciated!


19 Mar 11 - 02:31 PM (#3117105)
Subject: RE: Goldtone Banjitar GT-750 strap
From: PHJim

Have a strap button put in the heel and fasten it with that. You could also tie a boot lace around the headstock, but I prefer the heel button.

20 Mar 11 - 02:22 PM (#3117640)
Subject: RE: Goldtone Banjitar GT-750 strap
From: Sandy Mc Lean

I have a Dean that had banjo clasps but I didn't like them because the banjo felt unbalanced. I put a strap button at the back of the resonator and one on the heel of the neck. Much better!