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Tech: Internet Explorer 9

21 Mar 11 - 07:40 PM (#3118625)
Subject: Tech: Internet Explorer 9
From: gnu

So, I downloaded it, a few days after release. I did not know it was only a few days after release. I did not create a restore point... stupid move.

Don't download IE 9... it might crawl up yer system and plug it up like it did to me. And ya can't get rid of it even though they say you can unistall the update. Took me three hours to get my system running again after I did the unistall and I still have the piece of shite because I had to do an emergency restore which was only stumbled upon because my nephew is a puter geek... and he didn't even know how to get there... it truly was stumbled upon.

It messed up a bunch of things. It takes a lot more clicks to do things that were "automatic" in IE 8 and previous. And, I read that there are serious security issues.

Now, if anyone knows how to make this crap a good thing, I would welcome the input because I am not gonna try to get rid of it again, although I would dearly love to do so.

Oh... I am running Vista... if that means anything.

Oh... I am severely pissed off at Micro$oft.