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01 Apr 11 - 06:43 AM (#3126102)
Subject: Clogs

Hi there,

I am an 18 year old female who has recently started to clog dance (well, I'm learning!) The trouble is, my clogs can't be made for another couple of months and right now I am squeezing my size 7 feet into size 4 clogs- and it really hurts!

So I was wondering if anyone here might know of anywhere/anyone I could borrow a pair of size 61/2-7 clogs from? I would of course give a deposit for the safe return of the clogs, or pay a fee for the pleasure of borrowing them.

I've tried looking on ebay with no luck, and the waiting list for every clog maker I know is very long- I really don't want to have to go through this pain for up to three months!


01 Apr 11 - 07:04 AM (#3126112)
Subject: RE: Clogs
From: banjoman

my wife may be able to help but no promises at this stage. Where abouts are you??

01 Apr 11 - 08:52 AM (#3126164)
Subject: RE: Clogs
From: GUEST,S.T.M.

Hiya, (sorry forgot to put a name before).

I'm in Kent but would pay for postage, or possibly come and pick them up (travel a lot with a musician so I'm around England a lot).


01 Apr 11 - 09:33 AM (#3126187)
Subject: RE: Clogs
From: sian, west wales

You could probably rent a pair from Trefor Clogs (Owen) in Cricieth. He's just made a spiffy pair of slip-ons for me. For that matter, who is making your clogs? Might they not have something to lend in the interim?


01 Apr 11 - 09:52 AM (#3126202)
Subject: RE: Clogs

Thanks for the suggestion Sian.
I have emailed the guy who is making mine with a similar offer, just waiting to hear back- thought it would be good to gather all of my options!