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99th Anniversary of Titanic-Sank April 15 1912

16 Apr 09 - 07:51 AM (#2612305)
Subject: Origins: Titanic Anniversary
From: Fiolar

Surprised no 'catter has mentioned the 97th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic which occurred on April 15th 1912. The reason I mention it is because Johnny McEvoy recorded the beautiful song "The Ballad of John Williams" which is one of my favourites.
RIP all 1,517 who lost their lives. Apparently there is still one survivor.

16 Apr 09 - 08:00 AM (#2612309)
Subject: RE: Origins: Titanic Anniversary
From: Beer

Excellent song Fioar. I did it for a small gathering the week of St. Pat's.
Beer (adrien)

16 Apr 09 - 06:41 PM (#2612741)
Subject: RE: Origins: Titanic Anniversary
From: Dead Horse

Still no news of the iceberg............

17 Apr 09 - 12:05 PM (#2613163)
Subject: ADD: The Titanic (Flanagan)
From: GUEST,Jerry O'Reilly

Below the transcription of a song I recorded from Michael "Straighty" Flanagan in the back of Marrinans, Miltown Malbay in July 1985.

(from the singing of Michael "Straighty" Flanagan)

You feeling hearted Christians, come listen to my tale,
How the gallant ship Titanic, for New York bound did sail,
She was lovely and the largest boat, that ever sailed the sea,
Alas, she struck an iceberg, and it plunged her to the deep.

She was the pride of Belfast built, the glory of her crew.
She had every fixture, every comfort, the art of man ee'r knew,
A regular floating palace, from stem to stern was she,
But she lies with fifteen hundred souls, deep in the Atlantic Sea.

'Twas a beautiful April morning, she sailed from Southampton Quay,
There was millionaires as well as poor, bound for Amerikay,
There was joy and hope in every heart, as she sailed the ocean blue.
A veteran skipper on her bridge, nine hundred men her crew.

She called at Queenstown on that trip, for Irish girls and boys,
They were leaving dear old Ireland, in a strange land to employ,
For the last time those poor emigrants, gazed on their native shore,
They nobly died, God rest their souls, we'll never see them more.

All went well 'till the fourteenth day of April it drew nigh,
It was in the middle of the night, an iceberg floated by,
The Titanic proudly sailed along, unmindful of her foe,
Then a sudden smash, an awful crash, and the cries from down below.

Brave Captain Smith was on the bridge, and gave the order clear,
The wireless operator, sent the message, far and near,
Save us oh save us, there came that dreadful cry,
Sad to relate, help came too late, seven hundred all did die.

There was so much confusion, for, none thought the ship could fail,
The band was playing sweet and low, there was no storm or gale,
When all at once the boats were launched, in rushed the water wild,
The husband parted from the wife, the mother from her child.

Oh Lord it was a dreadful sight, and the terror still remains,
To see the doomed ones rush on deck, and hear them breathe a prayer,
"Women and children first" was cried, seven hundred all were saved,
But the rest went down, in the watery deep, to meet a martyr's grave.

That grand old ship Carpathia, she heard our mournful cry,
And putting full steam ahead, to the Titanic she did fly,
She saved those in the lifeboats, landed them in New York Bay,
But the ones she left behind her now, await the judgement day.

Let us raise our voice to the heavens on high, and join in a prayer of love,
That the Irish boys and girls on board, will meet with God above,
May those poor souls who perished, in the Titanic, have no dread.
Of their reward in heaven, when, the sea gives up its dead.

17 Apr 09 - 03:17 PM (#2613318)
Subject: RE: Origins: Titanic Anniversary
From: Mark Ross

In summer camp, back in the Dark Ages, we used to sing,

They built another ship and they called it Mary Lou
And the bow was painted green and the stern was painted blue.
They christened her with beer and she sank right off the pier,
It was sad when the great ship went down.

It was sad(so sad),
It was when the great ship went down,
Uncles & aunts, little children lost their pants,
It was sad..............

Mark Ross

17 Apr 09 - 03:56 PM (#2613356)
Subject: RE: Origins: Titanic Anniversary
From: mg

Like I said before, there was a survivor who was not documented as such..Pat Blessington...he was a teen, I believe youngest of a family of 20 or so children and each brought the next one over..His ticket was probably not exactly proper but apparently he had one, and was not a stowaway as we had thought. He I think was in a lifeboat and got thrown over and held on to debris and was picked up by the Carpathaian. His family met him and took him to RHode Island? Delaware? I can't remember. I wish a historian would get hold of this story and track it down more. He lived in Longview, Washington and was a pillar of the church and did not make this story up. mg

17 Apr 09 - 05:05 PM (#2613393)
Subject: RE: Origins: Titanic Anniversary
From: GUEST,TJ in San Diego

Right after the movie "Titanic" appeared, in 1997, and became such a blockbuster film, a restauranteur friend decided to host a one-night-only Titanic dinner. The idea was to replicate the first-class meal served those passengers the night of the sinking. He had access to the actual White Star menus and even reproduced the nine or so wines that accompanied each course. The one-nighter turned into seven sold-out nights. I was narrator-historian for him, telling stories between courses, etc. I only wish I had been able to produce a musical accompaniment. At the time, I knew "The Ship Titanic," and not some of the other songs mentioned. People showed up in period costumes and made it quite a show. I've since learned that this scene was replicated in a number of cities. I can't think of another film that spawned this sort of thing.

17 Apr 09 - 05:37 PM (#2613422)
Subject: RE: Origins: Titanic Anniversary
From: Jack Campin

The Titanic dinner idea had been done many years before. Back in the late 70s, the Edinburgh University Experimental Arts Society did one; I think this was to accompany Gavin Bryars's "The Sinking of the Titanic", which is (or was then) a semi-determinate piece you can stage how you like.

18 Apr 09 - 02:13 AM (#2613648)
Subject: RE: Origins: Titanic Anniversary
From: ossonflags

Here it is:

15 Apr 11 - 05:30 PM (#3135982)
Subject: BS: 99th Anniversery of Titanic
From: GUEST,mg

Today is the 99th anniversery. For some reason I didn't know this but came across some Titanic pictures on the web..I didn't realize there were pictures of them actually in the lifeboats. I went to the lists again to see if my father's friend was on there and he is not still of course. If any scholars of the Titanic want information, you can contact me. I met him. Anyway, on the list, I was surprised to see in just a cursory glance how many people were from Lebanon. Likewise Croatia. We never hear of them. My father's friend was from Ireland, and I think was the last of 20 children who each brought the next over. mg

15 Apr 11 - 08:12 PM (#3136067)
Subject: RE: BS: 99th Anniversery of Titanic
From: GUEST,kendall

I think it's interesting and ironic that the Worlds heavyweight champion boxer, Jack Johnson, was denied passage on the Titanic because he was black.

On this day in history the ship I was in sailed right over the spot where she went down, and that was bad enough, the movies they showed on the mess deck that evening was A Night to Remember. It sure as hell was!

15 Apr 11 - 08:26 PM (#3136070)
Subject: RE: BS: 99th Anniversery of Titanic
From: GUEST,Alan Whittle

I was at a session at The sailors Return in Weymouth this week and Tony Dean and Una Walsh (No Fixed Abode) were there and performed their new song to comemorate this grim anniversary. I think its one of the best songs Tony has written, and I've heard most of his work.

I don't know if the song is available on the net yet.

15 Apr 11 - 08:37 PM (#3136074)
Subject: RE: BS: 99th Anniversery of Titanic
From: Ed T

Nova Scotia

15 Apr 11 - 09:35 PM (#3136095)
Subject: RE: BS: 99th Anniversery of Titanic


15 Apr 11 - 10:39 PM (#3136112)
Subject: RE: BS: 99th Anniversery of Titanic
From: J-boy

Long past time to let her rest in peace. I find the whole "celebration" thing a bit ghoulish.

16 Apr 11 - 06:34 AM (#3136240)
Subject: RE: BS: 99th Anniversery of Titanic
From: GUEST,Alan Whittle

Here is tony Dean's new song about the Titanic. Una sings alittle bit lower than usual and it seems to suit her voice. Its called Heading West.!/nofixedabode

16 Apr 11 - 06:43 AM (#3136245)
Subject: RE: BS: 99th Anniversery of Titanic
From: fat B****rd

So they say, Kendall. According to Leadbelly they weren't 'hauling coal' that voyage. There is some doubt about the story being true, but, then again Jack Johnson was a pretty interesting study anyway.
I find the whole tragic Titanic business fascinating and would recommend Gavin Bryars' 'The Sinking of the Titanic' as evocative of the dreadful descent.
I don't think many people are aware of the full range of the passenger list. Thank you mg.

16 Apr 11 - 06:54 AM (#3136248)
Subject: RE: BS: 99th Anniversery of Titanic
From: Lizzie Cornish 1

Harry Chapin - Dance Band on the Titanic

16 Apr 11 - 07:22 AM (#3136256)
Subject: RE: BS: 99th Anniversery of Titanic
From: goatfell

my father had a cousin that survied the Titanic. But I'll rember them all.