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Review: Hissyfit: Cape Farewell

21 Apr 11 - 09:01 PM (#3140034)
Subject: Review: Hissyfit: Cape Farewell

Linda and Hazel have produced another CD of beautiful songs and harmonies. Cape Farewell is a compilation of original works by Linda Kelly and David Swann et al with a few traditional gems thrown in for good measure. I hate to name a favorite because I know with each playing it will change.
But...Linda's Tatjiana, a song about prostitution and the modern slave trade, brought me to tears. Beautiful melody and brutally sad story. John Connelly's Ranter's Wharf is hauntingly beautiful brought to life by David Oakley's fiddle. My absolute favorite is David Swann's Last Boat In. I love it. The tune, the harmony, the chorus, the list of sailors' superstitions I grew up with - I love it.
Thank you ladies for another lovely piece of work. It has joined Sweet Minerva and Fish Out Of Water on my most played list.

USers - I have a few copies stateside for sale. Let me know if you want one. First come, first served but Jacqui can pick up some more when she is in the UK.

Thank you for the gift.

21 Apr 11 - 09:26 PM (#3140045)
Subject: RE: Review: Hissyfit: Cape Farewell
From: Jeri

Want one! I'll bring $$ to the house concert on Saturday... come to think of it, I want two, because I have a friend. (Hard to believe, but true.)

22 Apr 11 - 02:42 PM (#3140492)
Subject: RE: Review: Hissyfit: Cape Farewell

LOL I thought you might want one. Two? OK. That wipes out my supply. Jacqui can get some more. Now I have to beat Jeri to lerning my favorites. Damn!

28 Apr 11 - 10:05 AM (#3144023)
Subject: RE: Review: Hissyfit: Cape Farewell
From: Pistachio

David was delighted by your comments Mary, we're off to a festival tomorrow in Upton upon Severn - will organise meeting Jacqui soon! When do they travel? Hx

28 Apr 11 - 11:23 AM (#3144072)
Subject: RE: Review: Hissyfit: Cape Farewell
From: Linda Kelly

You may be interested in Davids own CDs which give you another flavour of the traditions of the North yorkshire coast line. He has many fantastic songs. Pm me for his details.