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Gypsy World dvds

14 May 11 - 07:51 AM (#3153922)
Subject: Gypsy World - dvds
From: ChrisJBrady

For those who might be interested in Gypsy folklore et al, Poundland (UK) (where else?!!) are having a mass sale of "Appleby Fair" dvds at - £1 each.

The dvds are in the 'Gypsy Collection' by "all our yesterdays" and the one I bought is sub-titled "The Music and Songs of Appleby Fair."

This features someone called Dr. Busker.

Not sure how his music and songs are actually traditional to the UK Romany culture though. It seems to be mainly Irish tunes played on an accordion.


14 May 11 - 08:49 AM (#3153939)
Subject: RE: Gypsy World dvds
From: terrier

£1 each you say, That's probably why they call it 'Poundland' ;)