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Rick Fielding - a query

17 May 11 - 04:27 PM (#3155902)
Subject: Rick Fielding - a query
From: GUEST,Alan Whittle

For nearly as long as I've been doing Mudcat, I've been reading people talking about Rick Fielding and reading his thoughts on mudcat.

The overwhelming impression is that of a man held in very high regard by his friends and contemporaries. Also a very very dedicated and professional artist, who had thought long and hard about folk music.

I checked Rick out on the net, and i couldn't find an entry on Wikipedia about him. I can't help thinking - perhaps this is something that perhaps his close friends could do for him. People who knew the gigs, the people, the times ....and above all Rick.

I'm sorry if this seems inappropriate for me to say. Its just an idea that's occurred to me - such a well loved man deserves a mention there.

17 May 11 - 05:28 PM (#3155939)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding - a query
From: JedMarum

Wow - great idea!!

Who does such things? Who writes Wiki articles?

Rick was a musician's musician. He was a great player and took his music seriously. He would always find a way to instruct the players around him, in such a way that they not only were OK with his constructive comments - but THANKED him for speaking up! It was a rare gift he had and one that made the world around hi a better place!

17 May 11 - 05:33 PM (#3155944)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding - a query
From: PoppaGator

Wiki articles are first written, and then edited, by whoever wants to do it.

You have to sign up with Wikipedia, I think, and read their instructions ~ but the process is open to all, and there is no Wikipedia "staff" to write new articles. Every entry is a contribution from some some interested party, somewhere on the Web, who is motivated to provide some particular bit of information.

17 May 11 - 05:46 PM (#3155949)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding - a query
From: katlaughing

Big Mick started to in 2007. He's had his hands full since then with various family things, including taking care of his parents.