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Beverley - PVFF ten years

21 Jun 11 - 08:56 AM (#3173831)
Subject: Beverley - PVFF ten years
From: Sir Roger de Beverley

I have just realised that next year it will be ten years since we ran the People's Voice Festival in Beverley when the official festival had a year off. How about a get together at Beverley festival next year to commemorate ten years since that event?


21 Jun 11 - 09:19 AM (#3173840)
Subject: RE: Beverley - PVFF ten years
From: The DeanMeister

Jesus, time flies!

21 Jun 11 - 09:52 AM (#3173848)
Subject: RE: Beverley - PVFF ten years
From: GUEST,MC Fat

Good idea Sir Rodge

21 Jun 11 - 10:44 AM (#3173882)
Subject: RE: Beverley - PVFF ten years
From: Les from Hull

Excellent - count us in!

21 Jun 11 - 06:01 PM (#3174152)
Subject: RE: Beverley - PVFF ten years
From: Linda Kelly


22 Jun 11 - 08:05 AM (#3174440)
Subject: RE: Beverley - PVFF ten years
From: GUEST,MC Fat

Once again Beverley FF seemed to have marginalised the fringe this year. The landlord of the Oddfellows has been there for two years and never beeen approached by the official fest. Indeed this year there was even a singaround in a tent in the festival site by our own Mick McGarry. So an anniversary of the PVFF will be geat but we must try and get some space for people who just want to camp and dont want to pay £90 quid for a weekend ticket for the privilege

23 Jun 11 - 01:48 AM (#3175006)
Subject: RE: Beverley - PVFF ten years
From: ossonflags

I don't see were the fringe was "marginalised" at Beverley Festival.

When was anyone needed to be approached by the festival to run a free session?
Put a poster in your pub window saying " Folk Friendly" and people will get in there.

I have run sessions for years in Beverley and Hull.This did include two free maritime festivals. I sorted them out meself without any recourse to "officials" or any one else for that matter, apart from getting of me arse and contacting people to come along. A lot of work but it was successful..

I don't often see eye to eye with events and people in Beverley but a bit of clarity is needed here I think.

Coupla of years ago there was an open meeting held at the Tiger pub in Beverley were Chris Wade and her team were available for peoples comments.

Me and others from the fringe went and expressed our views (in no uncertain terms by the way) on the way the Festival should go be run; A lot of our comments, including the camping issue were taken on board by her. As a result of negotiating by me a lot of free spaces were provided for the fringe that year.

This year there were at least five free fringe sessions in Hodgesons,

Friday and Sunday nights Les and Maggies sessions Saturday night run by me. Dereck Waudby running singer songwriter stuff and singarounds.Harry watts band on Sunday afternoon.

Three in the Sun, three in the Tiger and the Two sessions on the festival village sessions run by me were all free and available to all.

This was apart from some late night stuff in the session tent all free..

As far as the Oddfellows was concerned some mates of mine were in there and had a great time.
For the rest I am not in a position to comment.

Although supportive of a reunion I feel it would be more of an idea for Comrades to get together and find ways of making the fringe events - including the camping arrangements better.

23 Jun 11 - 05:36 AM (#3175070)
Subject: RE: Beverley - PVFF ten years
From: GUEST,MC Fat

Mick I'm all for comrades working together being a socialist like you and in no way was the last posting I made meant in any way to be critical of you. I think over the year Chris Wade has wanted 'a 'green field site' festival and if you are charging stalls concessions and have a craft fair then those people want to see footfall to get a return. The festival has certainly moved on from the time when the scouts ran the (excellent) butty tent. The PVFF was a very special event and it would be good to mark it with the support of the 'official' festival

24 Jun 11 - 04:43 AM (#3175608)
Subject: RE: Beverley - PVFF ten years
From: Kampervan

I agree with Jim that the festival has moved significantly towards a more site-based event and I'm not sure that the presence of very loud, amplified music until 2am every night is a step forwards, but popular opinion will out on that, I'm sure.

Neither does it help when they start cleaning (very noisily) and locking the portaloos at 6.45am on Monday morning!

But overall it was a great weekend and I think that Les and Maggie and Mick all did fantastically well running the singarounds. It was much appreciated.

Would definitely be up for an organised re-union event at next year's festival, and if we could buy a camping pass without having to pay for a full weekend ticket then it would be even better.

(There did seem to be a lot of empty space on the campsite)

Here's to next year.