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Tech: Value of a Tatay Guitar

12 Jul 11 - 03:24 PM (#3186225)
Subject: Tech: Value of a Tatay Guitar
From: GUEST,Songbob

I have a question -- what is a very basic older Tatay student guitar, mahogany sides & back, in average condition, except a large crack the full length of the back -- what is such a guitar worth?

I have one to sell for a friend, and have a crisis of conscience. I want to buy it, so it's hard to set a proper sale price. We've negotiated a price, but I am worried that I low-balled him. Give me some ideas, please.

This guitar is not fancy, and the crack in the back, even when fixed (it isn't now), will put off your typical buyers. There are scuff marks on the top, but no cracks. The frets are OK, and, like I said, I've already changed out the tuners. These, by the way, were not the standard classical tuners with the wide posts, but thin ones, like those used for steel strings; I equate this to the "student model" nature of the instrument.

We're splitting the take if we sell it, so he set a price in the middle of the range I had guessed at, and if I buy it, I'll pay half of that. If I sell it -- as in, it's worth more than I can go right now -- I'll deduct a little for the tuners and my work in fixing the crack. If I buy it, I'll eat those costs. There was no case.

So, okay, what do I tell him it should sell for on the open market?

And no, I won't post my evaluation -- I want answers that are not based on any starting point.


Bob Clayton

(And some here may know whose guitar this is, so don't bring that up till I've received some data, please.)

12 Jul 11 - 04:11 PM (#3186252)
Subject: RE: Tech: Value of a Tatay Guitar
From: Little Robyn

I have a Tatay guitar, bought in 1969 for $40. It also has a bit of repaired damage but still has a good sound and I enjoy playing it.
However, if I wanted to sell it (which I don't) I think I'd be lucky to get $50 for it.
The cost of repairs could be more than the worth of the guitar.
So unless there's a strong market for old used student guitars, I don't think you'll get very much for it.

12 Jul 11 - 08:28 PM (#3186362)
Subject: RE: Tech: Value of a Tatay Guitar
From: Don Firth

I got a Tatay classic (Czechoslovakian cedar top, mahogany back and sides) around 1959. Purchased new through an advertisement in the Guitar Review, a very high quality magazine (lots of music printed and "keeper" articles in every issue) put out by the Classic Guitar Society of New York. I got it as a second guitar to knock around with (paid $125 for it), and although it was fairly plain-looking (inlay around the soundhole was just a half-dozen concentric circles; very plain, but it looked fancy at a distance), it was richer sounding and louder than what I regarded as my good guitar. I used it for gigs and concerts for several years before I got a really fine classic hand-made in Madrid.

I have no idea what it would be worth now. When I got the Spanish-made guitar, I sold the Tatay of a friend for what I paid for it, and she was tickled pink with it.

All the Tatays I've seen have been pretty nice instruments. Sorry. Can't really help much.

Don Firth

13 Jul 11 - 01:03 AM (#3186438)
Subject: RE: Tech: Value of a Tatay Guitar
From: GUEST,songbob

So far, it's looking like my valuation ($200 - 400) is not so low, then. I was worried. We settled on $300, which we would have split, so I'm paying $150 for it. With the work needed, I guess it's not so wrong after all.

Thanks. I'll keep an eye on this thread for another day or so, then write the check.