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Lyr Add: Marianina / Mariannina

28 Jul 11 - 11:06 AM (#3197286)
Subject: Lyr Add: Marianina
From: Nigel Parsons

I realise, from a 'Super Search' that some people had more than enough of this in school. But that is no reason not to include it!

Words: Florence Hoare
An Italian folk song

O'er the ocean flies a merry fay,
Soft her wings are as a cloud of day,
As she passes all the blue waves say:
"Marianina, do not roam,
Whither, whither is your home?
Come and turn us into foam,
Marianina, Marianina,
Come, O come, and turn us into foam!"

O'er the fields she passes to and fro,
By the cornstalks standing row by row,
Poppies whisper as they see her go,
"Marianina, little friend,
Whither would your foot-steps wend?
Come and teach us how to bend,
Marianina, Marianina,
Come, O come, and teach us how to bend."

O'er the mountains when the day is done,
When the clouds are gath'ring o'er the sun,
While they, weeping, whisper one by one,
"Marianina, come again,
We have tried to dance in vain.
Come and turn us into rain,
Marianina, Marianina,
Come, O come, and turn us into rain."

From: Folk Songs of Many Lands
Collected by J Spencer Curwen

X: 1
T: Marianina
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
O: Italian
Z: NP 28/7/2011
K: Eb
B3 G cc BB | A3 F D2 z2 | c3 A dd cc | B3 G E2 z2 | B3 G cc BB | A3 F D2 z2 |
c3 A dd cc | B2 BB cc BB | A2 AA BB AA | G4 e3 d | d c3 d3 c | c B2 z B3 =B |
d3 c BB AF | E4 z4 ||

28 Jul 11 - 11:56 AM (#3197315)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina
From: GUEST,leeneia

Thanks again, Nigel. No need to apologize.

This is a good tune.

I've been looking for tunes to play on my flute. You know something? -- it's amazing how many boring, meaningless old tunes there are which have no melody and nothing of interest. I have wasted so much time listening, trying, and discarding.

All three you have posted so far have been winners.

28 Jul 11 - 01:15 PM (#3197367)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Sheet music at American Memory.
Marianina, Nicholas Ferri, G. Schirmer, 1877, New York.
Both Italian and English lyrics.
(I think better lyrics in the sheet music).

This song may have been posted with links before, by Masato.

29 Jul 11 - 10:39 AM (#3197911)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina
From: Jim Dixon

As far as I can see, MARIANINA has been mentioned many times at Mudcat, but the lyrics have never been posted before.

Florence Hoare's words, with a musical arrangement for 2 voices and piano, can be seen in The American Song Book by Charles Herbert Levermore (Boston: Ginn and Company, 1917), page 66.

29 Jul 11 - 11:05 AM (#3197918)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE SEA BREEZE / MARIANINA (Hervey White)
From: Jim Dixon

Here's another translation, from Folk-Songs and Other Songs for Children, edited by Jane Byrd Radcliffe-Whitehead (Boston: Oliver Ditson Company, 1903), page 136, where it appears in a musical arrangement for one voice and piano:

THE SEA BREEZE (Marianina)
Italian folk song, English words by Hervey White

1. There's a fairy flying o'er the sea,
Light and airy as a bird is she,
All the waves leap up and call in glee,
"Marianina, fly no more.
Dance with us amid the war,
Be a wave and dance to shore.
Marianina, Marianina,
Be a wave and dance for evermore."

2. O'er the land she flies along the grass,
Leaves and flow'rs are gay to see her pass.
All call out to stay the fleeting lass,
"Marianina, be a flow'r,
Dance with us throughout the hour,
For we feel your magic pow'r.
Marianina, Marianina,
Dance with us, and be a little flow'r."

3. Quick she darts up over mountains high,
All the clouds are gath'ring in the sky.
Fast they follow with a merry cry,
"Marianina, come from far,
Why not tarry where you are,
Dance with us and be a star.
Marianina, Marianina,
Dance with us, a twinkling, glancing star."

29 Jul 11 - 11:25 AM (#3197930)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina
From: Jim Dixon

The U.S. Catalog of Copyright Entries gives this description:

MARIANINA ; chanson napolitaine, poésie de Pierre d'Amor, paroles napolitaines de V.M., musique de V. Monti, of Italie, op. 365; chant et piano, partition et parte pour voix. [15746
© Dec. 18, 1915; 1 c. Dec. 30, 1915; S 369300; Société anonyme des éditions Ricordi, Paris.

07 Mar 13 - 09:24 PM (#3487805)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina
From: GUEST,Susan Hirschman

I am thrilled to have found this. But I am pretty sure the first stanza should be "Dance with us and with the shore," which makes mroe sense than war. But I am happy and grateful!

08 Mar 13 - 05:56 AM (#3487917)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina
From: Betsy

I can't believe that as a 65 year old that after living through a full life (and one influenced by folk music) that this song has entered my life again after listening to it on a massive cabinet radio at school as an 8 or 9 year old (circa 1955/6
As I recall, all the schools - was it just in England ? (i.e. possibly not in Scotland,Wales or N.Ireland ) were invited to vote for the best song they had heard and sang along to in the school year and Marianina won. It wasn't my choice - but no matter - I can't recall my choice anyway.
"Part of life's rich tapestry" someone used to tell me, amazing !

30 Mar 13 - 09:26 AM (#3496699)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina
From: Tattie Bogle

Ignoring the spammer above........yes, Betsy, I remember it from my schooldays in England too: I can even hear the rather catchy piano intro to it, and vaguely remember the lower voice part! As in this Youtube....

10 Nov 13 - 06:08 AM (#3574352)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina
From: GUEST,Rob Walker

I am 62 and remember this song from my early days at primary school
I may not be 100% accurate, but I remember...
Marianina the fairy maid...

In this land there is a fairy maid
and within it`s beauty she is arrayed
she`s my darling and I love her so
who is she I cannot tell
but I know love her well
who is she I cannot tell
marianina marianina come and turn us
into "Foam"???

08 May 17 - 04:20 PM (#3853981)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina

I sang it at school late fifties/early sixties. It was Faerie Fay.

08 May 17 - 07:54 PM (#3853995)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina
From: Gallus Moll

I can't remember where and when I learned this, but as soon as I saw the words the tune returned to me! I went to school in Scotland so perhaps it was on the radio in our primary classroom?
Tattie B -- we should have a sing of this at Ballads Workshop sometime!
(I should seek out the Italian words seeing as how I've been attending a night school class- - - -)

08 May 17 - 10:50 PM (#3854009)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina
From: Joe Offer

Please do try to find the Italian words, Gallus Moll.

Here's a YouTube video:

...and another:

And here's an Italian recording of "Mariannina" (note spelling):

Up above, Frank Staplin says the sheet music is at the American Memory Collection, but I can't find it there.


09 May 17 - 12:01 AM (#3854010)
Subject: ADD: Marianina / Mariannina
From: Joe Offer

Here's a very different English rendering of the song:


Where the Tuscan sun is warm and bright,
Dwells a maid whose laugh is pure delight;
Though her charm is yet unknown to fame,
Still I love her just the same

Marianina, tra-la-la, Marianina, tra-la-la,
Oh Marianina! Oh Marianina
The wild red rose was never half so fair.
Oh Marianina Oh Marianina
My Tuscan belle with poppies in her hair.

When the air is filled with perfume rare
From the flowers blooming everywhere,
She, with laughing eyes and dancing feet,
Joyously the day doth greet.

I have loved her ever since we met,
She is mine, but doesn't know it yet;
I shall tell her so tomorrow day,
She will never answer nay.

Source: IOCA Song Fest, edited by Dick and Beth Best, page 86, 1948 edition

09 May 17 - 12:12 AM (#3854011)
Subject: Lyr Add: Marianina / Mariannina
From: Joe Offer

(Marvin Moore & James Leisy)

Since I danced with Anna Friday night,
You refuse to let me hold you tight;
Squeeze your concertina constantly,
When you should be squeezing me!

Marianina, pity me!
Marianina, can't you see?
Oh, Marianina, your concertina
Stays between us,
Keeping us apart.
Oh, Marianina,
One kiss would mean a
Sweeter song would start inside your heart!

Blackest hair in all of Tuscany,
Eyes as blue as skies above Capri,
Smile as warm as open fires aglow,
Heart as cold as mountain snow! (Chorus)

All the village knows I've planned my life,
Built a home and picked my future wife,
If you want to wear a wedding gown
Lay that concertina down! (Chorus)

Yes, you play the concertina well.
Yes, it seems to cast a magic spell.
Cars mia, I love music, too,
But, there's other things to do! (Chorus)

Copyright 1961 by James Leisy Music, Portola Valley, California All rights reserved.

from Songs for Swingin' Housemothers, by Frank Lynn (1961, 1963, Fearon Publishers, San Francisco), page 40

09 May 17 - 12:22 AM (#3854012)
Subject: ADD: Marianina / Mariannina
From: Joe Offer

One more? Why not?

(English version by Homer Harbour and A.D.Z.)

Little Tuscan maid so gay and blythe,
Lovely as the land that gave her life;
Through the vineyard and the olive trees,
Rings her laughter on the breeze.

Marianina, tra la la
Marianina, tra la la
O Marianina, O Marianina,
No wild red rose was ever half so fair.
O Marianina, O Marianina,
No wild red rose was ever half so fair.

To the fountain in the village street,
She goes singing in the morning sweet;
And at evening from the fields of green,
Singing homeward turns again.

Source: Camp Songs 'n' Things, by Carl E. Zander and Wes H. Klusmann (1939), page 86

11 Mar 19 - 02:06 PM (#3981519)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina / Mariannina
From: GUEST,Fsca

So pleased to have found this thread. This song has haunted me for years. I remember it being played on the radio in the late 1960's - maybe 1967 or 8 - and my friend and I as schoolchildren singing along in her kitchen. The version by Florence Hoare. It was a female singer on the radio. Does anyone remember this and who it was?

There is a nice rendering of the Italian version (about an abandoned lover) on youtube sung by the opera singer Renato Zanelli in 1921, nearly a century ago - his wonderful costumes I presume may be from his Wagnerian roles.

11 Mar 19 - 03:31 PM (#3981533)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina / Mariannina
From: Steve Gardham

Sang it in school and I still love it. I think I'll teach it to my grandsons.

11 Mar 19 - 03:50 PM (#3981538)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina / Mariannina
From: JennieG

It was in our school repertoire too......can't remember, though, if it was in primary or high school. Let's say around about (give or take a year) 1960. This was in a country town in Oz, courtesy of the A.B.C. school broadcasts.

11 Mar 19 - 07:16 PM (#3981566)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina / Mariannina
From: Tattie Bogle

It's the lyrics given by Nigel P in the original post which we used to sing - and yes, it is "foam"!
Sorry I missed your reply on 08.05.2017, Gallus Moll, but let's do it sometime!

12 Mar 19 - 11:59 AM (#3981674)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina / Mariannina
From: leeneia

Thanks for the links, Joe. Your second link leads to two Welsh schoolgirls singing a duet. Many a pop star would do well to listen to that recording many times.

01 Aug 21 - 12:44 AM (#4114999)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Marianina / Mariannina
From: GUEST,Ruel????

It was really great having found this link showing the lyrics of this wonderful folksong that evokes happy memories of my elementary school days. Marianina was taught to us by our Grade V music teacher and I really its melodies!??????