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Lyr Add: Flatpicking Carnegie Hall

06 Aug 11 - 12:59 PM (#3202727)
Subject: Lyr Add: Flatpickin' Carnegie Hall
From: voyager

Mudcat -

These lyrics were written to the tune of 'Flowers on the Wall'
in 2002 during a week of Steve Kaufman's Flatpicking Camp (Marysville, TN). Carnegie Hall is actually a college dormitory on the campus of Marysville college

Flatpickin' Carnege Hall
C                            Am
I keep hearing your concerned about my happiness
D                         G
Far away at flatpick camp I'm trying to do my best
C                              Am
If I was walking in your shoes I wouldn't worry none
D                                  G
While you're at home, watching kids I'm out here havin' fun

Flatpickin' Carnegie Hall, it don't bother folks at all
Playin' St. Anne's Reel 'til dawn with a group of 21
[Note - insert flatpick break here]

Takin' guitar breaks and watching World Cup on TV
D                   G
It's nothin' to you, It's music to me

2nd Verse
Tonight I dressed in jeans, playin' in a guitar band
Beppe was conductin' and I held the music stand
The rhythm section drove the beat, they knocked out Bye Bye Blues
The audience applauded, we had nothin' left to lose.


3rd Verse
It's good to be here, I won't go, I'm stayin' overnight
Need to practice Gold Rush until I get it right
[Note - insert flatpick break]
Please don't give a thought to me, I'm really doin' fine
Playin' here at Kaufman Camp and tryin' to keep Time....


Hope you like it (makes for good flatpickin' entertainment). Next stop - Carnegie Hall!


06 Aug 11 - 01:04 PM (#3202730)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Flatpicking Carnegie Hall
From: voyager

Note -
    TAB of chords offset a bit in the posting above.


06 Aug 11 - 09:45 PM (#3203043)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Flatpicking Carnegie Hall
From: GUEST,999

Good song, V.