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Spotify doubles U.S. price

23 Aug 11 - 01:04 PM (#3211479)
Subject: Spotify
From: GUEST,schlimmerkerl

I was in Ireland about a year ago, and friends recommended it highly-- particularly good for trad music, it seems. Well, it seems to be kind of a moot point: i joined and downloaded the app, but can't get it to work. For instance, i can't figure out where to log in, and the "search" box is inactive. Suggestions welcome.

23 Aug 11 - 06:59 PM (#3211714)
Subject: RE: Spotify
From: DrugCrazed

Perhaps Grooveshark is a better edition.

Logging in should just be a casse of opening Spotify. It should ask you for the login details.

24 Aug 11 - 12:36 AM (#3211828)
Subject: RE: Spotify
From: GUEST,SeanSiegfried

Yes, Spotify is a great tool for research. Whether it is any sort of viable option for new artists financially, is a big issue at the moment. But I've found it fantastic for finding some of the old unaccompanied traditional recordings and early music I've been adapting to guitar, etc.

24 Aug 11 - 01:28 AM (#3211833)
Subject: RE: Spotify
From: Joe Offer

I have Windows 7. I downloaded Spotify about a year and a half ago, and it has worked flawlessly ever since. I have a free, unlimited subscription, thanks to a generous Mudcatter. Now that it has opened here in the U.S., I get a few commercials with the free edition and I suppose I'll have some limitations in the future. The commercial-free, unlimited edition is $4.99 a month. Spotify seems to have most of the Smithsonian Folkways, Topic, and Rounder catalogues.
Max has unlimited Rhapsody for the same $4.99 a month, and he swears by it.


24 Aug 11 - 03:57 AM (#3211864)
Subject: RE: Spotify
From: Howard Jones

schlimmerkerl, where are you? Spotify isn't available everywhere, and it may be that you have been able to download the software but it won't let you register because of your location.

Having said that, I also had problems running it at first, and gave up. Some months later, having heard more good reports, I tried again and succeeded. There is a lot of trad music on there.

From an artist's point of view, I've tried to have 2 CD's put on there and in both cases it took several months and I had to chase CD Baby (who handle the digital distribution) to get them to chase Spotify. We've had some payments but they're for streaming so they're tiny - we won't be giving up the day jobs.

In fact this has prompted me to check and both albums are now on there. Search for:

Albireo   Northern Cross
The Electropathics Batteries not Included

24 Aug 11 - 05:19 AM (#3211898)
Subject: RE: Spotify
From: GUEST,Eddie1 (sans cookie)

Your Mudcat name suggests you might be in Germay?

I was over there last year and tried to set up Spotify for a friend but was unable to do so although I could get it with my UK setup.
Guess it doesn't work in Germany


24 Aug 11 - 12:10 PM (#3212064)
Subject: RE: Spotify
From: GUEST,Eh?

I'm puzzled. You can't use Spotify in Ireland.

24 Aug 11 - 10:43 PM (#3212294)
Subject: RE: Spotify
From: Joe Offer

So, I think I'm at the point where I have to pay $5 a month to get some music service. They're just too good to pass by. I'm tempted to stick with Spotify because I have it and I like it, but Max swears by Rhapsody. Is there anybody familiar with both services who can give me a comparison?
Spotify is so good that I'm tempted to drop my subscription to Why do I need to buy mp3s when I can listen to the huge collection of Spotify or Rhapsody?


30 Oct 14 - 02:04 PM (#3673096)
Subject: RE: Spotify doubles U.S. price
From: Joe Offer

Back in 2011, I was really impressed with Spotify. It combined my own music library with its collection, and let me search and play both sources with one search. I switched ot the $4.99 "unlimited" subscription in 2011 to get away from the ads, and Spotify has served me well since then. Recently, I found that Spotify would not play on my Bose Internet radio unless I upgraded my subscription, but I could put up with that.

Then yesterday, I got notice that I needed to update my credit card information to continue my "Unlimited" subscription. I clicked the link, and it took me to a page that gave me the opportunity to upgrade to a "Premium" service for $9.99 a month - but it didn't say anything about how to continue my now-limited "Unlimited" service. And it didn't say that the "Unlimited" service was being discontinued, and I think that failure to inform is dishonest.

It took quite some time to figure out how to send a question to Spotify, but I finally was able to do that. The response was that my "Unlimited" service was being discontinued.

So, I guess my choices are to pay $120 a year, go to the free membership, or find another service.

How well does the free Spotify service work, and how often do the ads come? Any suggestions for other services?


30 Oct 14 - 03:05 PM (#3673110)
Subject: RE: Spotify doubles U.S. price

As with all great new ideas that start out giving pleasure to the hoi polloi, Mr Scrooge will eventually find a way out of his cupboard to spoil it for all.

30 Oct 14 - 03:31 PM (#3673115)
Subject: RE: Spotify doubles U.S. price
From: Jack Campin

I started on the free service and could put up with the (frequent) ads given the limited use I made of it. But they changed things in such a way that I needed a Facebook account to log in. No way. I haven't used it for years.

31 Oct 14 - 02:07 AM (#3673200)
Subject: RE: Spotify doubles U.S. price
From: GUEST,DaveRo

I have a free account, and I'm not a member of Facebook.