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09 Nov 11 - 08:39 PM (#3254005)
Subject: Thompsons+Diamond,Abatelli,RI,11/12/11
From: ChanteyLass

At Stone Soup 11/12/11, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island a few blocks from Rt. 95 just north of Providence and just south of the Massachusetts state line. Ticket info, details at .

    Chris and Meredith Thompson, twin sisters who began their career singing Open Mics at Stone Soup while in high school, have garnered awards and praise from festivals and other musicians. Awards include honorable mention in the USA Songwriting Contest, 2004, Honors in the MidAtlantic Songwriting contest 2003 (for Ontario off "Clearwater" album), and finalists in the 2001 & 2003 Florida Folk Fest Songwriting Contest. They've performed at the Providence Performing Arts Center, Pittsburgh's Carnegie Hall, and numerous coffeehouses and colleges. Tom Lounges in The Beat stated, "The Thompsons are powerful performers, using flute, guitar, percussion, vocal harmony to celebrate experience through song."
    The Thompson's 2004 CD "Live" captures the energy, power and grace of the Thompson's live performances. Chris & Meredith Thompson achieve a vocal harmony known uniquely to siblings. At times, their voices effortlessly combine in harmony as if they were two parts of one whole. Then, just as effortlessly, the individual voices will emerge, creating a vocal sound that has become their trademark.
    Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli skillfully combine thoughtful, provocative lyrics with soulful vocals and seasoned musicianship. They playfully refer to their original style as "a gentle but passionate exploration of Folk, Soul, Blues, Jazz and Pop". If you appreciate meaningful music with eloquence, substance and style then look no farther.
    Award winning songwriter Lori (finalist, Great American Songwriting Contest 2010), combines alluring, soulful vocals and seasoned piano playing--a perfect match for Fred's solid finger work and clever phrasing on bass and guitar. Fans of Norah Jones, Sarah MacLachlan and Joni Mitchell quickly become fans of Lori & Fred as they explore Jazz, Acoustic, Folk, Pop, Gospel and Blues influences and gently infuse them in a flavorful Adult Contemporary style that's all their own. Both musicians carry full-time music schedules between performances and session work for local artists. Their CDs, "Bound" and "Mystery" continue to receive high praise from their audiences, peers and industry professionals alike. With a third CD in the works, Lori and Fred are more inspired than ever to connect with audiences far and wide. Their third album, "True," was released on October 22, 2011 at the Wachusett Music Festival.

10 Nov 11 - 10:24 PM (#3254706)
Subject: RE: Thompsons+Diamond,Abatelli,RI,11/12/11
From: ChanteyLass

Chris and Meredith's harmonies give me goosebumps.

11 Nov 11 - 09:43 PM (#3255354)
Subject: RE: Thompsons+Diamond,Abatelli,RI,11/12/11
From: ChanteyLass

Just me, huh?