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DT search tips

01 Oct 99 - 07:49 PM (#119948)
Subject: DT search tips
From: MandolinPaul

I've recently learned about using the @ with a topic (eg @union, @love) to find lyrics relating to a topic, and also putting square brackets around phrases to find that exact phrase.

Any other tips?

01 Oct 99 - 07:54 PM (#119949)
Subject: RE: DT search tips
From: Gene

Using a WILDCARD [*]

Whisk* will find

[whisk] [whisky] [whiskey] [whiskers]

01 Oct 99 - 08:01 PM (#119951)
Subject: RE: DT search tips
From: Joe Offer

Be sure to check the "DigiTrad Links" Max has provided in the blue DigiTrad search box. One important one is Digitrad Search Tips (click me, baby). I keep forgetting to do fuzzy searches, but they work very well (you'll find fuzzy search instructions if you thoroughly explore the link I provided....)
-Joe Offer-

01 Oct 99 - 08:27 PM (#119960)
Subject: RE: DT search tips
From: Susan of DT

Yes, read the links above. Search for any distinctive word or phrase, but avoid proper names, which tend to vary with the version or the song, or words with multiple spellings/mispellings, such as bonny [bonnie, bonie] or words that are spelled differently by Brits and Americans. It usually pays to try a second search for a given song after the first one doesn't work - there is a lot of variations between versions and the words you chose to search for may not be in the one(s) we have.

02 Oct 99 - 01:49 AM (#120020)
Subject: RE: DT search tips
From: Lesley N.

After all this time I discovered the use of brackets []!! I can't believe it took me this long - but what a time saver. I finally get three or four tunes that are close to what I want rather than 20 with just one of the words!

Of course Joe, if you'd written (click me baby) a couple of years ago I might have discovered it a lot sooner!