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Lyr Req: Half a World Away (John McCutcheon)

26 Dec 11 - 10:54 PM (#3280384)
Subject: Lyr Req: Half A World Away- McCutcheon
From: GUEST,Julia L

Can anyone post the lyrics to this? I heard it recently and tried to find the words, including on John's website but they aren't there (though many others are..) Sent in an e-mail request, but have had no response. If anyone has these, I'd really appreciate it.

27 Dec 11 - 02:12 AM (#3280406)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Half A World Away- McCutcheon
From: Joe Offer

I think this link (click) will play the song. It's from the 1994 Between the Eclipse album, not one of my favorite McCutcheon albums.

I put the CD in deep storage when I ripped it to MP3, so I don't have the CD booklet handy. I'll see if I can work up a transcription later, but it's a long song....


27 Dec 11 - 02:42 AM (#3280408)
Subject: ADD: A Half A World Away (John McCutcheon)
From: Joe Offer

(John McCutcheon)

The river, like some silver finger, tumbles to the sea.
The pines that pierce the far horizon seem to beckon me;
They draw me to another town, another brand new day,
They draw me to my dreams of home, a half a world away.

I think back on the days before our love grew rifts and cracks,
In the heat of pride's confusion, we turned our hearts and backs.
Lying in the still of night, without a word to say,
Two hearts beating side-by-side, a half a world away.

I've seen you in a thousand glances, I've heard a hundred lies;
I've walked the wire, proudly wearing bravery's disguise.
But alone upon my knees tonight, for constancy I pray.
I reach out in the dark for you, a half a world away.

A full moon mounts a crystal sky, as I cross another border;
Informed, inspected, stamped, exchanged - my life in perfect order,
For I've mapped my course, and now I know my heart is home to stay.
I'll hold you in my arms tonight, a half a world away.

from Between the Eclipse, 1994

27 Dec 11 - 02:49 AM (#3280409)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Half A World Away- McCutcheon
From: Joe Offer

I guess this is what I would call a "good" singer-songwriter song. It is mostly a self-expression of the songwriter, but it lacks the universality I find in music that I'd call "traditional folk music." I like the song very much. For me, it brings back the ambivalent, uneasy sadness I felt twenty years ago, when I was separating from my first wife after 21 years of marriage. Still, it's not a song I can sing - it's McCutcheon's song, and parts of it don't make total sense to me. It's something I can listen to a few times and then never again. Still, it's a very thoughtful, perceptive song and I'm glad I spent some time with it. Maybe I should take the time to listen carefully to the rest of the album.
His singing and piano work on this song are terrific, by the way.


27 Dec 11 - 11:51 AM (#3280557)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Half A World Away- McCutcheon
From: GUEST,julia L

Thanks so very much for this. I was so moved by the song, hearing it in passing on the radio in the car; I wanted to have a closer listen and see the lyrics. A certain person close to me is going through a situation which this song articulates beautifully.
So grateful for your time and kind consideration
best- Julia