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Stolen Gibson J200

22 Jan 12 - 08:30 AM (#3294373)
Subject: Stolen Gibson J200
From: Tigger the Tiger

When I was a young,naive girl,I had this guitar stolen without its case from the back room of a coffee house in Stratford Ontario. I just wondered if anyone knows who got it?Welcome to it;I just wondered if it went to someone who really loves it.Thanks.

22 Jan 12 - 08:54 AM (#3294386)
Subject: RE: Stolen Gibson J200
From: GUEST,JohnnyBeezer

You're very forgiving. I'd be bloody furious!

22 Jan 12 - 09:05 AM (#3294390)
Subject: RE: Stolen Gibson J200
From: Tigger the Tiger

I was furious in 1965,when it happened. I did not realize this was a very flashy guitar compared to the others that were in the back room. I got a Martin D18 to replace the J200;the Martin had much better tone. I really do just hope someone got the J200 up there and loved it.

22 Jan 12 - 09:08 AM (#3294393)
Subject: RE: Stolen Gibson J200
From: John MacKenzie

Have I strayed into a parallel universe?

22 Jan 12 - 09:11 AM (#3294395)
Subject: RE: Stolen Gibson J200
From: GUEST,JohnnyBeezer

Karma/Justice should dictate that it fell to pieces in the thief's hands the very first time He/She tried to play it!

22 Jan 12 - 09:38 AM (#3294405)
Subject: RE: Stolen Gibson J200
From: GUEST,gillymor

I had a J200 for about a year back in the early 70's. I must have thought it would magically transform me into Rev. Gary Davis. I was wrong. It was a sunburst with a pretty scratched up top and the original adjustable bridge (which I changed to a bone saddle) and had Steve Young 1963 written by pen on the inside back. Judging from the bridge I think it was made in the early '60's. I bought it from a sleazy lawyer who lived in Takoma Park, MD. and sold it to a very nice collector from Alexandria, VA.
Not much chance it was yours but I thought I'd put it out there.

22 Jan 12 - 11:30 AM (#3294467)
Subject: RE: Stolen Gibson J200
From: Tigger the Tiger

Thanks for the information. I only had this one for a couple months;it was in good condition. The only scratches were on the pick guard. I always thought it was stolen by someone who did not play. I never knew anyone that did play who would have taken a large guitar like this without the hard -shell case. I have never walked around with a guitar without the case. It probably went to a pawn shop in Toronto. I had to come back to the US or I would have looked.

22 Jan 12 - 02:22 PM (#3294588)
Subject: RE: Stolen Gibson J200
From: kendall

I keep telling people, record the serial numbers of all your valuables. If something is stolen, report it to the Police and it will go onto the NCIC crime list. Sooner or later someone will get caught with it.
Without that number your chances of getting it back are slim to none, and slim just left.

22 Jan 12 - 02:58 PM (#3294616)
Subject: RE: Stolen Gibson J200
From: GUEST,Guest from Sanity

Years ago, something very similar happened to me. I had a Yamaha FG-100, which I loved..I personally picked it out, new, from the wall of the music store, after playing everything there.....and some punk weenies, backed their truck up to my house, and proceeded to help themselves to any and everything that caught their fancy...including my much beloved Yamaha. This was in Taos, N.M.

Not long after, an acquaintance, who had only heard me play a few times, I hardly knew his name, came up to me, one day, and said," Here, the Lord told me to give this to you."...and handed me a guitar case. "Her name is Martha", he continued.
"Wow! cool, are you sure you want to do this?" I asked. "Oh yeah, besides, if anyone should have it, it should be you."
I was BLOWN AWAY.....I opened the case, an almost new, Martin D-21!
I have it to this day.....and that was over 40 years ago.
An update: I was having it refinished, because of some water damage to the finish, the insurance company wanted to know if I'd just want a new guitar, for replacement value, the refinish estimate was $3700.00, and I'm sure they wanted a cheaper way out. So I got a hold of Martin, and had them call the insurance company.....They refinished the guitar...replacement value, place by Martin, for this particular guitar was $8500.00!!

Tigger, Make that puppy sing!!!



22 Jan 12 - 04:11 PM (#3294651)
Subject: RE: Stolen Gibson J200
From: kendall

WOW, thats a great story.

Some years ago the house I lived in was broken into and a bunch of stuff was stolen. Not long after, the Sheriffs deputy came by to say they had recovered my tv and VCR. The serial number did the trick. The thief got 5 to 7 in prison.It would have been cheaper to let him get away with it!

22 Jan 12 - 04:20 PM (#3294656)
Subject: RE: Stolen Gibson J200

As I mentioned I was an 18 year old girl in Canada when this was stolen;I really did not know anything about insurance back then.I do not think there were quite as many thefts up there in 1965. People these days are alot more aware of crimes and keep everything locked.I do not think non-musicians are aware of how attached we are to our instruments.