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Lyr Add: Day Three - Lynda Randle Gospel Song

28 Feb 12 - 03:31 PM (#3314734)
Subject: Lyr Add: Day Three - Lynda Randle Gospel SOng
From: wysiwyg

As sung by Lynda Randle
Album: Timeless
(but go in thru Mudcat link)

1. Day one, it had all begun to turn out to be the darkest day.
The blood and the crown forced to come down looked like ol' Death had gotten his way.
We cried when we knew He had died and they carried His body away--
The sweat and the tears saved for 33 years turned the dust on that ground into clay.


But I still remember all the words that He said.
They move like a mystery 'round and 'round in my head:
"Tear down this temple, I'll rebuild it you'll see--
It's all gonna happen to Me-- Day Three."

2. Day two, and it seemed we were through, and we looked for a good place to hide
In a cold upper room-- the thought of that tomb where His body was wasting inside.
So long we believed He was gone, but something would not let us go.
In the black of that night, saw a faint light, like a candle beginning to glow.

3. Day three, something happened to me when I saw that that grave had no stone.
They said, "He's not here." I shuddered with fear, then a voice that I knew said, "Hello."
Surprise-- when I now recognized, no grave could hold this man down.
I'm so amazed-- what He did in three days turned this whole crazy world upside down!

(Thei' ain't no grave, can hold this body down....)